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Amy Halterman Has Bad Reaction To Cutting Back On ‘Sodies’

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Amy Halterman, from 1000-Lb. Sisters is struggling to get her weight back on track. After having two children, she lost a lot of her motivation. When she began this diet, she was told to limit the number of sodas that she was drinking. She would drink eight to twelve ‘sodies’ a day! With the high amounts of sugar in them, they were not good for her weight loss journey. Will Amy be able to limit her soda intake or is it too late?

Fans Blast Amy Halterman

There was a point on the show where fans felt that Amy Halterman was the only one of the sisters who was motivated to lose weight. We saw her sister, Tammy Slaton in and out of the hospital and even have health scares that could have killed her. Amy seemed to be ready to lose weight and keep it off. That was until she had her children. She was able to keep a little bit of weight off, but after fans saw her latest unhealthy meals, they’re not so sure if she is the one that is most motivated. They have blasted her saying, “Shouldn’t Amy be thinner after having surgery?” Another added, “WTF are you doing? Please get healthy again for your children.”

Amy Halterman- TLC
Amy Halterman- TLC

Not only do fans think she is the unhealthy one, they feel that she needs to do more to keep her house clean too! After she shared some photos of her children, her fans were quick to rip on the cleanliness of her home. In these photos, it looked as if the baseboards and the floors hadn’t been cleaned in quite some time. More so, some fans mentioned it in the comments, but as usual, Amy didn’t let it bother her.

Cutting Out Sweet ‘Sodies’

Amy has made a few updates to her fans about her weight. Although, she has been open about how it has been difficult for her to cut out certain things. Sodas are one of the hardest things for her to quit, but in a new clip, she and Chris Combs will do their best. TLC shared this clip for the new season of the show. Similarly, in the clip, she and Chris are trying some alternatives to soda. Her expressions are priceless.

Amy Halterman- TLC
Amy Halterman- TLC

As Amy tries cactus water, she says to her brother, “What the f**k is that? It tastes like swamp things.” Of course, Chris doesn’t like any of the soda alternatives either and he says that are “an acquired taste.” Fans can watch the clip here to see their hilarious reactions.

Do you think Amy Halterman will ever stop drinking sodies? Let us know in the comments below what you think. Finally, be sure to keep an eye on her here at TV Shows Ace too!

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