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‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Puts Judgmental Fans In Their Place Online

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown finally got tired of listening to judgmental fans online. As a result, she finally snapped and put some fans in their place in the comments of a recent post.

Here is what Raiven said to the fans and what set her off.

Alaskan Bush People fans troll Bear & Raiven Brown

Bear Brown took to Instagram recently to explain in a video why his latest photos and videos were clearly not in Washington. While fans who actually pay attention to the Alaskan Bush People stars knew where they were, Bear likely heard enough confusion about his whereabouts that he wanted to let people know where he was right now.

Raiven Brown - episode screencap

As Bear said in the video, he and Raiven Brown were in Texas right now. As Bear said, their home on the mountain was a three-hour drive from the closest hospital. Raiven is in a high-risk pregnancy and the couple knew she needed to be closer to a hospital for her and the baby’s own safety.

However, fans either didn’t listen to the words Bear was saying, or they were purposefully obtuse. In the comments, several fans began to troll Raiven and Bear. One wrote, “No hospitals in Washington. Good to know,” seemingly not understanding that Washington is a large state.

Yet another continued to insinuate that the entire show is fake. They wrote, “Soo you don’t live on the mountain and it’s all a scam! Your brother lives on an Rock island I’m sure it isn’t that hard having a baby in Washington state.” Finally, one more added, “we all know (and if you don’t, get your head out of the sand) that you are only in that other environment when you are filming! We caught on to you years ago!”

Raiven Brown throws shade at disrespectful fans

Raiven got sick of the comments and she didn’t waste time putting fans in their place. In her initial comment, she repeated that the closest hospital to deliver a baby was a three-hour drive from the mountain. She then said that they spent the first half of the pregnancy on the mountain with his family and they are spending the second half with her family in Texas.

Bear Brown IG posts

This was not enough for some fans. After more comments from rude and disrespectful fans, Raiven said they had no “common sense.” She went on to remind everyone that “I’m high risk and have weekly appointments for weeks now.” She mentioned driving six hours round trip was out of the question.

Bear’s sister-in-law Rhain said that she and Noah did the same thing as well. She wrote that the mountain was far too far away from a decent hospital and it is “much better safe than sorry.”

“We made the choice for our son, not social media or anybody else! Baby’s safety comes first and it made the most sense,” Raiven finished.

Was Raiven Brown right in snapping back at the disrespectful Alaskan Bush People fans on Instagram? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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