‘Today’ Al Roker, Savannah & Hoda Gone From Show Again, Why?

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The Today show hosts Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Al Roker were again MIA just days after the weathercaster returned to the show. However, the morning show went on with Thomas Llamas and Sheinelle Jones filling in for the absent hosts. So, why were the hosts missing from the sets of Studio 1A? Keep reading to find out the details!

Al Roker Is Missing Again From The Today Show

Al Roker had been absent from the show for two months due to an emergency health scare that caused blood clots in his legs and lungs. While he was recovering, his co-hosts Savannah and Hoda took charge of the show and even updated fans regularly on his health. Upon his return, the meteorologist received a grand welcome from both fans and his co-hosts.

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Now that he and his co-hosts are absent again from the show, fans wonder where they are. However, on Monday’s episode, Sheinelle Jones revealed that the trio has taken a day off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. While fans missed the hosts, they are glad that the weathercaster is all well.

Deborah Roberts Was Scared For Al Roker’s Life

As per The Sun, Al Roker has had a scary ordeal the past few months. While he struggled to get well, his family feared for him. While discussing his health struggles, Deborah also opened up and stated that she was afraid Al might not make it to Christmas.

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She revealed, “Through a very scratchy voice, and he was so gaunt and exhausted. He said, ‘I’m going to make a Spatchcock turkey for Christmas.’ And I didn’t know whether to burst into tears or just to beam. I mean, that was the moment, and will always be the moment for me, where I knew that this man…I mean, I’m sitting here hoping he’s going to make it to Christmas, and he wants to make a turkey.”

Hoda Kotb Mocked For Her On-Air Goof Up

Meanwhile, Savannah Guthrie recently mocked her co-host, Hoda Kotb for her on-air slip-up. Hoda was meant to ask producer Holly Palmieri if she had any superstitions related to Friday the 13th. However, instead of using the word superstitious, she goofed up on air and accidentally said, “Are you suspicious?”

In the background, an individual said, “It’s been a long week.”

“Yes, it has,” Hoda agreed.

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The hilarious goof-up’s audio clip was shared by Savannah and the caption included a crying-with-laughter emoji and read, “Superstitious…and suspicious!”

However, Guthrie and Kotb weren’t the only stars that were quizzed about Friday the 13th and the associated superstition. The Today show’s radio producer Holly Palmieri asked Craig Melvin if he believed in superstition.  To this, the host replied, he usually isn’t.

Are you awaiting Al Roker, Savannah, and Hoda’s return to the Today show? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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