Tina Arnold Shows Off Interesting Breakfast Choice

Tina Arnold from 1000-Lb. Best Friends, TLC

1000-Lb. Best Friends star Tina Arnold is making significant lifestyle changes. Now that the show is back on TLC for a second season, fans get a chance to see her and the rest of the women work toward their health goals. Last year, Tina really struggled to comply with Dr. Proctor’s recommendations. But now, it seems like she’s on a great path. Over on Instagram, she frequently shares healthy recipes, snack suggestions, and exercise selfies with fans.

Many of Tina’s healthy snacks and meal ideas go over well with her audience members. But one of her recent creations didn’t go over quite as well as some of the others.

TLC star Tina Arnold gets creative with her healthy breakfast

This month, Tina Arnold surprised her followers when she announced she was going back to the Keto diet. Based on her posts, it’s something she’s tried before. In a nutshell, the Keto diet is very low-carb, high-fat. Breads should be avoided, but the diet does encourage plenty of meats and cheeses.

Most of Tina Arnold’s followers enjoy looking at her healthy meals. But one recent breakfast wasn’t quite as popular as some of her other meals.

Tina Arnold from 1000-Lb. Best Friends, Instagram
Tina Arnold/Instagram

People who follow the Keto diet can still enjoy their favorite sandwiches — just without the bread. It’s incredibly common to just remove the bun or bread slices and eat the inside of the sandwich with a fork. And it seems like that’s what Tina Arnold was going for with her healthy breakfast post.

“Who says breakfast has to be eggs and bacon? 😉 Hamburger patty from last nights dinner topped with Swiss cheese, avocado, Mayo and ketchup. 🤤” the TLC star shared on Instagram.

Tina Arnold from 1000-Lb. Best Friends, Instagram
Tina Arnold/Instagram

Even Tina’s costar Ashely had something to say about the photo. She shared an emoji of a toilet and an emoji of someone running toward it.

Easy on the condiments, high in calories,” one of Tina’s followers added.

What do you think about Tina’s interesting breakfast? Is it something you would like to try? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

1000-Lb. Best Friends Season 2 continues

Now that 1000-Lb. Best Friends is back on TLC, fans are very excited to see how the four women grow and evolve this year. Already, fans can clearly see that Vannessa Crumpler has been working hard on her goals. She lost several hundred pounds since her bariatric surgery. This year, she says she wants to continue to lose weight so she can hopefully receive skin removal surgery.

But on the other side of things, it doesn’t seem like Meghan Crumpler is managing to keep up with her own goals. Based on the first few episodes of the season, it seems like this cast member is in for a bumpy ride.

Check back soon for more content on Tina Arnold and her friends.

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