Pumpkin & Josh Efird Share Twins 8-Month Update, See Pics

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Pumpkin and Josh Efird are sharing how their twins are growing and giving an eight-month update. It is hard to believe that Stella and Sylus are already nearing a year old. However, they are getting so big right before everyone’s very eyes. So, Pumpkin is offering a glimpse of how the babies are growing via her social media. Read on for more details and to see the photos.

Pumpkin & Josh Efird Share Twins 8-Month Update, See Pics

When the news that Pumpkin and Josh Efird were expecting twins broke, it was shocking. Mainly because the couple had just welcomed a son, Bentley the summer prior. So, it seemed a little too close to be true. Plus, TMZ shared this information in April 2022 claiming that the babies were due in June. However, Pumpkin did not confirm anything at all. Then, in early June, her mother, Mama June took to TikTok to confirm that she was a grandmother again.

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A photoshoot was done with Pumpkin and Josh Efird as well as their two older children, Ella and Bentley. The twins joined them along with Pumpkin’s little sister, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson. Now, according to The Sun, Pumpkin and Josh are sharing an update on Stella and Sylus at eight months old. They shared two photos: the first was of Josh Efird holding the twins when they were first born. Then the second was of him and the babies now.


These photos were posted on Pumpkin’s Instagram account with the caption: “Woah! 8 months sure make a difference. Still so crazy to think we have twins. You are the best dada🥹🥰😘.” Fans were just as shocked to see the progression but more so, how much the twins looked like Josh. “Man josh literally said “copy and paste “ 😂 I love it,” one commented. Another added: “Omg the twins are 8 months already? They are adorable 🥰 you both are great parents. Bless your hearts ❤️ can’t wait for your show to come back on really miss it.”

More Kids Ahead?

Of course, Pumpkin and Josh Efird are savoring every moment with Stella and Sylus as they are absolutely adorable. However, they are also the last babies that the couple will be having. When Pumpkin was signing off for 2022, she made a long post on TikTok. In it, she made a quick comment that she had her last babies. So these twins are going to get relished as much as possible because they will never have the baby years again.

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