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Lindsie Chrisley Shares Pic Of Her ‘Church Snuggle Buddy’

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As her parents head to prison after being found guilty of multiple financial crimes, their daughter Lindsie Chrisley has sought comfort in the church. In a recent photo, she even showed her “church snuggle buddy” and a message from the service that day.

Here is what Lindsie said she learned in church that day while with her little snuggle buddy.

Lindsie Chrisley seeking comfort in church


Lindsie Chrisley has watched her parents, Todd and Julie, sentenced to prison and the couple was set to report to the facilities in Florida in January. Through this time, they have leaned on their kids somewhat for support, and Lindsie has previously said she was spending time with them over the phone while they spent quality time with their other kids at home.

However, Lindsie said that she learned a valuable lesson in church. She said she needed to hear this message. She then shared it with her followers along with a photo of her with her little snuggle buddy.

Lindsie Chrisley / YouTube

The Southern Tea podcast host showed a picture of her son Jackson, 10, as he snuggled up beside her in church. In the Instagram Stories photo itself, she wrote, “My church snuggle buddy. I love for Sunday morning. Message we needed to hear this morning desperately. You can be right with God and still experience horrible times.”


Lindsie Chrisley has experienced more tough times lately

The court case was tough on Lindsie Chrisley. She testified on behalf of her parents. However, there were people who suspected she had something to do with the financial mishandling. She denied any wrongdoing and prosecutors did not charge her with any crimes.

Lindsie also just experienced one of the toughest Christmas times in her life. On top of her parents being handed a guilty verdict and learning they would spend several years in prison, she had to spend the holidays without her son for the first time.

Lindsie Chrisley with Jackson / Instagram

More than a year after finalizing her divorce from ex-husband Will Campbell, she told her followers in December that she would not have her son for Christmas that year – the first time this has happened since his birth. “I’ve tried my best to emotionally prepare for this, I’m a big believer nothing can prepare you for waking up on Christmas morning without your child,” she shared on Instagram.

Thankfully, she had Jackson with her in church on Sunday. It was with him that she remembered that it is okay to go through tough times if you keep the faith. Even if the times are horrible, Lindsie believes she can get through anything with God on her side.

What are your thoughts on how Lindsie Chrisley is dealing with these hard times in her family’s lives? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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