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Dr. Smith Says Tammy Slaton’s 100-Lb. Weight Loss Wasn’t Real

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During the 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4 Premiere, Dr. Eric Smith describes Tammy Slaton’s 100-pound weight loss as “fictitious.” Why did the TLC doctor imply Tammy’s weight loss after entering rehab wasn’t the real deal? And, why isn’t he comfortable approving her for weight loss surgery just yet? Keep reading for spoilers.

Warning: Spoilers for the 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4 Premiere ahead! 

Dr. Eric Smith says Tammy Slaton’s weight loss is fake

After her medical emergency and a short period of time in rehab, Tammy Slaton was able to drop 100 pounds. Dr. Eric Smith is happy for Tammy, but he’s hesitant to throw a party. The TLC physician explained that Tammy is not ready to be approved for surgery because the weight she lost wasn’t what he would consider real weight loss.

Dr. Smith proceeded to explain that most of the 100 pounds Tammy has lost so far can be explained by medical contribution. During her medical emergency, she was placed on a lot of medication. And, this medication caused her to lose some weight. According to the TLC personality, what Tammy lost was largely water weight. And, she still needed to work on a diet and exercise plan that allowed her to really lose some of her body fat.

Because he considered the weight loss not to be real, he just wasn’t ready to approve her for surgery because he needed to know that she was committed to making better choices first. Dr. Smith asked Tammy what she thought about sticking with the goal of 550 pounds. He really wanted her to lose enough weight to hit 550 pounds (or less) before he approved her for the surgery.

Tammy Slaton - 1000lb sisters - YouTube
Tammy Slaton – 1000lb sisters – YouTube

Tammy is confident in her goal

Oozing with confidence, Tammy agreed it was a reasonable goal and she thought she could swing it. Dr. Eric Smith pointed out that Tammy has never had an issue with confidence. He just hoped she would be able to follow through so she could get the surgery she desperately needed.

As those who follow the TLC personality on social media know, Tammy did end up getting approved for weight loss surgery. Her contract with TLC, however, prevents her from giving away details about how much weight she has lost.

Tammy Slaton - 1000b sisters - Youtube
Tammy Slaton – 1000b sisters – Youtube

Do you understand why Dr. Eric Smith described the first 100 pounds that Tammy lost at rehab as “fictitious”? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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