‘Today’ Fans Blast Hoda & Jenna After Rude Segment With Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott - Jenna Bush - Hoda Kotb Youtube

Today Show hosts Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb are under heavy fire for being chaotically rude and disrespectful to their recent guest. Who was their recent guest? What did Jenna and Hoda do that viewers at home perceived to be rude and disrespectful? Keep reading for all of the details.

Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott were the guests

Technically, Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb had two guests recently. The HGTV Property Brothers Johnathan and Drew Scott made an appearance to speak with the co-hosts. A video clip featuring Jenna and Hoda sitting down with the Property Brothers was uploaded to Instagram a few days ago.

The video clip features Hoda Kotb asking Jonathan Scott a question about his relationship with New Girl star Zooey Deschanel. Hoda asks who makes the decisions in his relationship. He proceeds to try and answer, but he is quickly cut off by Hoda and Jenna both talking over him. Chaos breaks out in the video as everyone is talking all at the same time with poor Jonathan unable to get a word into the conversation.

Trying to take control of the situation, Jenna Bush Hager could be heard shouting “Music? Music? Music?” on top of everyone.

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on Thursday, January 12, 2023 -- (Photo by: Helen Healey/NBC)
Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on Thursday, January 12, 2023 — (Photo by: Helen Healey/NBC)

Viewers were disgusted

There was not a drop of kindness or compassion for Jenna or Hoda in the comments of the video uploaded to Instagram. In fact, viewers admitted they didn’t care for the way these ladies handled interviews and thought they were wildly disrespectful to Jonathan and his brother Drew. Here’s some of what upset fans had to say in the comments:

  • “And of course Jenna talks over, Music, Music!!!!! Please let your guest answer a ?. Seriously has to stop.”
  • “This this this is the damn interview techniques that cause me to NOT watch Hoda and Jenna. Can we please please please stop this technique it’s so annoying!!!!!”
  • “Ask a question and then don’t let them answer by always talking over them!!”

In the comments of the video, viewers were in agreement there was hardly a point in Hoda and Jenna asking their guests questions if they were not going to bother giving them a chance to answer said questions.

One fan exclaimed: “Why even have guests on the show if you’re going to talk over/interrupt them??”

Overall, viewers of The Today Show were in agreement that Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb continuously had no respect for anyone who made a guest appearance on their show. Viewers urged Jenna and Hoda to just stop doing interviews altogether.

Do you agree they were being rude to Johnathan and his brother Drew? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

Allie Johnson


  1. It’s not only with these guests, it’s with everyone.. I get up when JENNA KEEPS TAKING THE FOOD AND EATS IT AS SHE LOOKS INTO THE CAMERA…DISGUSTING…I am ready to stop watching the show.

    1. So am I Cindy she is so rude. She spends more time over talking everyone and is always looking around and does exactly as you say. I know of no one in my little town that likes her in the least.

    2. I can’t take much more of Jenna interrupting Honda and everyone else. She has ZERO manners and apparently, she thinks she’s the reason we all turn on NBC. I am disgusted and going to turn it off soon.

    1. It’s time for Today to clean house. Start by getting rid of Savannah, Hoda, and Jenna. Each of them is rude and silly. They talk over everyone and are clearly in competition to see who can gain the most attention. I used to love the show, but now usually end up turning it off because of these ladies acting like silly school girls

      1. I completely agree! The practice of talking over one another really gets under my skin. I have watched other morning shows as opposed to listen to the “ego- maniacs” get louder trying to undermine their co-anchors. It’s not great TV. Time for a change NBC.

    2. Glad to know I’m not the only one disgusted with the rude behavior of constantly interrupting and talking over guests. Not just occasionally, but all of the time!
      The food segments are shameful-running through the segment willy-nilly without any respect for the guest chef, skipping steps in the recipe for lack of adequate time, reaching over the guest and each other to stuff samples into their mouths, grabbing cocktails, the list goes on. It’s a perfect tool for teaching our kids how NOT to act in public.
      Then there is the issue of the painful sales segments that are intended to bring more money to the Network coffers. They get a lot more time and care than the cooking segments, and the presenter gets a little more time than the guest chef; however, the show’s stars still grab for products, interrupt each other, and lower the integrity of the show.

      1. I think their both vary rude,and a little sickening when Hoda tries to act like a teenager time to clean house

  2. I agree that Jenna, especially, interrupts guests frequently. But in their defense, I see this with other talk show hosts, like Kelly Ripa, for instance. Rude and difficult to follow the conversation when they do this.

  3. I’ve stopped watching Hoda and Jenna because they are always interrupting each other and their guests. Even when Hoda doesn’t have anything to say she keeps saying,!”yeah, yeah, yeah”. They should be forced to watch their own show. Annoying! Also, on the Today Show cooking or shopping segments they rush thru the segments. If you don’t have the time don’t schedule them.

  4. Fire them both…..their segment of the show is silly and stupid anyway. Replace them with a good game show.

  5. Stopped watching when Jenna Hager was hired for the show. She is not qualified to interview people or be on a talk show.

  6. That whole show sucks. Hoda and Jenna both act immature . They both are nosey and both talk over each other . I quit watching that so called news show long ago. Don’t watch any of them .Lies lies,lies.

  7. I can’t stand all three. It’s not an enjoyable show at all. What’s wrong with the ones in charge. Are they afraid to let them go. I’m done !!!

  8. I hate the cooking segments on all the Today Shows. They are always rushing through the segments and all the Today Show hosts are talking over each other. It’s a little better when they put most of them aside and let them stuff their little pie holes to allow the chef to get a word in edgewise.

    1. I really don’t like the rush through cooking segments and the good deals for the day. Why have these segments if they have to be so rushed. Also, I agree with other comments about the 3 female cohosts talking over each other and the guests. Just shut up ladies. You just are not that cute or funny and you make me want to pull my hair out🤪 So, I’ve stopped watching you. I do miss Al and so pleased he is able to return to work.

  9. @hodakotb – Kotb during the first two hours of Today is constantly talking over her fellow hosts! Very unsettling! It’s as if she always wants to get the first and last words in.. Time to shake up the hosts!!!

    1. yes I have called comment line left messages with them Hoda is just nasty she hates men she treats Craig like a dog and she ignores him Al is nasty alos he thinks because he has cancer he gets a pass so not a nice man to craig hoda nasy nasty why doesnt someone just fire them and she acts like a teenager and Savannah another childish old wome and Craig sit there and doesnt pus back what the hell is wrong with him he needs to say something right on the show and walk off the set i dont watch anymore al is obnoxsious he thinks everyone like him hes an rude nasty man

  10. While I find both ladies annoying, they really did nothing wrong in this segment. In fact, Drew was the first one to jump in with a teasing response. Jonathan actually joked about himself as well. Seriously, no one is watching this for hard-hitting journalism or as a model for interviewing etiquette.

  11. Love Hoda and Jenna and the question itself was rude – they were just making light of the answer. Don’t watch if you don’t like them – sheesh

  12. Take both of them off the air. I’m tired of all their drama. Matt Lauer who was fired for sexual harassment was much better than either of them. Bring him back.

  13. The whole crew over talk their guests and each..ie: Deals & Steals you can forget about hearing that. If they have someone on to do a cooking session,atrocious. I’m about to find a different news station to watch.

    1. If you find A good morning show plz let me know! Good luck I’m in the same boat your in,I’m finding it impossible to do, Jenna is just too much,I feel so bad for the poor people who come on the show; Jenna ruins it ,you can hear her over everyone else, and the poor guests don’t know what to do…..I loved your comment and how true it is…..

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