‘The 100’: Bob Morley Shares His Favorite Flavor

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The 100 series star Bob Morley who played Bellamy Blake in The CW show shared with fans his favorite flavor. With the summer heat at its peak in Australia, the beloved actor is enjoying having a scoop of his favorite ice cream flavor. So, what is Bob Morley’s favorite flavor? And what is he doing currently in terms of career? Keep reading to find out the details!

Bob Morley Enjoys Butterscotch And Choc-Mint Ice Cream

Married to his co-star Eliza Taylor who played the lead Clarke Griffin in the same series, the duo often interact with their fans on social media and Cameo as well. On Friday, the actor took to Instagram to share a picture of him eating his favorite ice cream. The actor sported a French beard as opposed to the clean-shaven look fans adore him for. However, he looked just as impressive wearing a sun hat.

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He captioned the picture, “Sun smart in the summer heat. Butterscotch and choc-mint. What’s your flavor?”

Fans flocked to the comments section as one wrote, “Never wanted to be ice cream more.”

Another confused fan admitted, “S**t I forgot it’s summer in the southern hemisphere.”

A third quipped recalling Bellamy’s death scene from The 100 series. They said, “Bro I thought you was shot by Clarke.”

The 100 Skyrocketed Bob Morley’s Acting Career

Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor got married in 2019 after a long-brewing romance. The actress took to Twitter to confirm her marriage to her best friend and soulmate. The sentiment was shared by Bob as well who mentioned that he is delighted to call Eliza his wife. However, no one knew that this marriage was coming and even the Bellarke fandom was surprised at the announcement. Moreover, they officially never disclosed their real-life relationship until after they got married.

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The 100 has been a big part of Bob Morley’s acting career. Not just that, the series skyrocketed his career and introduced him to several projects for television and films. After the series ended, Bob Morley starred in The Rookie Season 3 in 2021. Later, he also played a supporting role in the romantic drama series titled Love Me. The series is a six-part adaptation of Sweden’s Alska Mig, that features Hugo Weaving and Bojana Novakovic alongside Bob Morley.

Bob Morley Starred In The 2022 Movie I’ll Be Watching

Repeating their on-screen chemistry, Bob and Eliza starred again in a sci-fi thriller movie titled I’ll Be Watching released in 2022. Directed by Erik Bernard, the series primarily revolves around Taylor’s character, Julie. After her tech genius husband (Morley), leaves on a work trip, she is still mourning the loss of her sister. Now, she is in their new and isolated home braving her own fears to stay alive.

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Do you love the same ice cream flavor as Bob Morley? Did you love him as Bellamy Blake in The 100? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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