Kylie Jenner Fans Compare Her To 1yr Old, Back To School?

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Kylie Jenner fans are comparing her to a 1-year-old wondering if she should go back to school. The mother of two was dragged by fans after she shared a picture of her latest cosmetics advertisement. Kar-Jenner fans bashed the 25-year-old for making a blunder in the Instagram post. What was this post about? And why did fans bash her for? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kardashian Fans Want Kylie Jenner To Use Spellcheck

In her new Instagram post, the reality star advertised her latest lip gloss. Kylie Jenner looked seductively at the camera as she licked her thumb in an action that smeared her gloss all over her lips. Although the picture was alluring enough to grab attention, it was her caption that overshadowed it.

Kylie Jenner YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The Kylie Cosmetics owner wrote, “BOSS lip kit and MATCH MY ENGERY gloss drip lip combo.”

However, the word ‘energy’ was misspelled in the caption, and eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed it. They flocked to the comments section as one asked, “What does ENGERY mean????”

Kylie Jenner Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Another compared the Hulu star with a 1-year-old and said, “Love Kylie but my 1-year-old could’ve done this.”

A third fan recommended, “Kylie’s promo people really need to learn how to use SPELLCHECK.”

Kim Kardashian Promotes Jeff Leatham’s Book

However, Kylie Jenner isn’t the only one from the Kar-Jenner clan who was called out by fans for spelling mistakes. Back in December 2022, fans mocked Kim Kardashian over a silly mistake as she shared with fans her career goals. The reality star promoted her friend Jeff Leatham’s latest book titled The Art Of The Flower. She revealed that she played a part in the book’s creation.

Kim Kardashian Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

The mother of four posted a picture of the book’s cover on Instagram, originally shared by Jeff. She captioned it, “A little slice of heaven w@jeffleatham. Forward by me.”

Kim Kardashian Confuses Foreword With Forward

Fans pointed out in the comments that the SKNN owner incorrectly spelled the word ‘Foreword.’ For the unversed, Foreword is a section of a book that precedes the actual content. On Reddit, fans shared the post and dragged the SKIMS owner for the slip-up. One wrote, “Oh, did she mean foreword? How are you gonna dip your toes into writing and mix up a foreword and forward.”

Kim Kardashian Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

Another sarcastically pointed out, “This is the ‘lawyer’ fighting for social justice, everyone. We’re in good hands.”

A third fan pointed out how Kim is making spelling mistakes like crazy lately. They noted that she is misspelling a word that is already in the picture she is reposting.

What do you think of Kylie Jenner’s spelling slip-up? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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