Kim Kardashian Requests Private Meeting With Kanye’s New Wife

Kim Kardashian - Kanye west Youtube

Kim Kardashian was as stunned as the rest of the Internet when news broke that Kanye West had secretly married Bianca Censori after dropping off the grid for a while. As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, there were even some rumors that Kim was jealous of Kanye’s new hot wife.

After having time to process and get past the initial shock of the situation, it is finally starting to click that Kanye West’s new wife has the very real possibility of being Kim’s children’s stepmother. Unsurprisingly, Kim has found herself in an awkward situation where she might have to share her children with a woman she doesn’t really know.

It, however, sounds as if Kim has extended an olive branch to Kanye West and his new wife. And, it sounds as if she’s hoping to build a strong foundation for the potential of co-parenting.

Kim Kardashian Youtube
Kim Kardashian Youtube

Kim Kardashian wants to meet Kanye’s new wife

According to The Sun, a source close to the situation confirms Kim Kardashian’s team has reached out to Kanye West to say congratulations on getting married. The purpose of the message was also to express an interest in his new wife sitting down with Kim. Kim wanted to meet the woman that could very well be the stepmother of her children.

She’s sent a message through her team to Kanye’s team, basically saying congratulations, and given that it looks like Bianca may soon becoming a stepmom to the kids, she would like to have a sit down to get to know her in a private meeting.

For Kim, this meeting is important to establish ground rules on her children and how they are to be cared for including things like naps, food, and electronics.

Kanye West [KTLA 5 | YouTube]
[KTLA 5 | YouTube]
As those who follow the family closely know, there have always been whispers that there is a massive rule book handed to the nannies of the Kardashian children.

The source continued to explain: “She already has started to vet her, which is standard for anyone that comes into contact with her children and will have access to them.”

She is furious with Kanye

There is also a side of Kim Kardashian that is furious with the situation Kanye has placed her in. Kim feels the situation is a bit contradictory after he played a huge hand in running off Pete Davidson. So, Kim feels a bit as if Kanye has smacked her in the face.

Do you understand Kim Kardashian wanting to sit down and meet this woman? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Kardashian news.

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