Fans Disgusted With Tori Roloff’s Huge Ego & Belittling Of Amy

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There is no denying that Little People, Big World (LPBW) fans love Tori and Zach Roloff’s children. They, however, do not feel the same love for Zach’s wife Tori. In fact, fans believe they have seen the ugly below Tori’s surface in the past few seasons of LPBW. It was her belittling and disrespecting Amy Roloff during the most recent season of the series that really took the cake for fans. What did Tori Roloff do exactly that fans considered to be belittling Amy? Keep reading for the details.

LPBW fans disgusted as Tori Roloff belittles Amy

In a Reddit thread that has accumulated nearly 150 comments in under 24 hours, one fan notes that they’ve found themselves in a place where they can barely tolerate Tori Roloff and her oversized ego. While the individual noted she hasn’t reached the same level of insufferable as Audrey Roloff, she isn’t that far off.

The LPBW fan proceeded to explain what really took the cake for them was a scene that featured Tori Roloff making fun of Amy.

I was particularly bothered by the scene in which she makes fun of Amy’s mispronunciations. Sure, we’ve probably all noticed them, but I can’t imagine a situation in which I’d make fun of my MIL publicly. It just landed really badly, IMO, and seemed unnecessarily unkind.

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The fan proceeded to clarify they were not a speech therapist. However, to their knowledge, Tori wasn’t a speech therapist either. And, she certainly had little room to talk with the way she allowed Lilah to baby talk.

The fan continued to rant: “I’ve had experiences with it in my family, though, and one thing I do know is repeating Lilah’s mispronunciations — e.g. ‘wawa’ for ‘water’ — isn’t an indication that she knows what she’s doing. Also, isn’t it about doing what’s in Lilah’s best interest? Speech therapy is common and effective.”

The individual concluded by noting they’ve always had a soft spot for Zach. Moreover, they have been fond of Tori up until this season when her personality took a nasty turn.

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Other LPBW fans chime in

One fan chimed in: “Agreed. I liked her early on when she first appeared on the show BUT she has become one disgusting individual. And quickly approaching Oddj’s level [Audrey] of insufferably. She can’t really think that highly of herself so it HAS got to be some type of over compensation situation.”

Another fan added: “Oh my goodness that WAWA was annoying because Tori was a preschool teacher she should know about speech pathology.”

Overall, fans agree that Tori’s behaviors and parenting don’t necessarily line up with someone who was a very good teacher. Likewise, fans think her fame has gone to her head and turned her into a monster.

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Do you think it felt like Tori Roloff was belittling Amy when she poked fun at how she pronounced things? Have you lost respect for Tori this season? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on LPBW.

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