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Are ‘Law & Order’ Ice-T & Christopher Meloni Feud Rumors True?

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Rumors are swirling that Law & Order: SUV stars Ice-T and Christopher Meloni are in a heated feud. Turns out, there is chatter running wild on Twitter that the National Enquirer was preparing to run an expose claiming there was a nasty feud between Ice-T and Christopher Meloni. The rumor of this pending expose caught so much traffic that it managed to find its way to Christopher and Ice-T. Fortunately, the actors were super candid on social media and quick to clear up whether there was any bad blood between them.

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Are Law & Order Ice-T & Christopher Meloni Feud Rumors True?

Earlier today, Ice-T took to Twitter to reveal that he received an email he immediately forwarded to his buddy Christopher Meloni. The actor penned aggressively in his tweet: Clownass MFs trying to make up Drama outta thin air… WOW… MFs are really on that BS.”

The email alledges that Ice-T became jealous of the attention Christopher was getting after returning to the series to revive his role as Elliot Stabler.

Meloni response to Ice-T’s tweet was thick with the playful humor his fans loved him for: So…⁦@FINALLEVEL⁩ was sent this. He was kind enough to let me know we were feuding.”

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In response to both actors coming forward to the truth, many fans of Law & Order: SUV admitted they were extremely thankful as the last thing they wanted to do was pick a side as they loved both Christopher and Ice-T.

One individual jokingly noted they were glad they did not have to choose because they probably would have to pick Ice-T. Christopher fired back at the tweet saying, “me too.”

The Outlet Is Unknown For False Reporting

When it comes to celebrity news and gossip, the National Enquirer is at the bottom of the list of the most honest or trustworthy outlets. In fact, individuals are urged not to believe anything the outlet posts unless they can find a much more reputable source also reporting it.

Fortunately, the email Ice-T and Christopher Meloni appear to have just been fishing for anything the outlet could use to run a story suggesting these two were in some sort of feud. The actors, however, have done everything they could to clear the air on the feud rumors before the story has even run.

With both actors getting ahead of the story, it is unclear if the outlet will move forward with running it anyway.

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