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Why Isn’t A New ‘Sister Wives’ Airing Tonight?

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Why isn’t a new Sister Wives airing tonight? Fans may have been frustrated and confused when they looked at the TV schedules only to see it was not on. There’s a perfect reason for the show not airing at its usual time and slot. Read on for more details.

Why Isn’t A New Sister Wives Airing Tonight?

When part three of the Sister Wives tell-all ended last week, it seemed like there should be more to come. Fans still had so much that they wanted to be answered. Furthermore, they believed that host Sukanya Krishnan was very weak and did not get the job properly done. It felt like there was so much more that needed to be said. Part three addressed Janelle and Kody’s separation but only briefly. Fans learned that Janelle was far happier away from Kody and that they had split up months before.

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As for Meri, she had owned who she was and wished Kody would see that. However, the Sister Wives star could not convince Kody to feel a way that he didn’t. Yet, she did have hopes that maybe he would change down the line. For her part, Robyn was her typical ‘Sobyn’ self but then she became feisty. She alleged that the other wives handed Kody to her and proceeded to push his affection away. Despite their stretch marks, weight gains, and money struggles, he always stood by them.

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With all of this being said, fans wanted more. They wanted to know what would happen for Season 18 and if Robyn could live with just Kody. More so, viewers wanted to hear from the children which never happened. All they got was a public apology from Kody to his sons but was it genuine? The world may never know. So, what happened to Sister Wives? It is done for the season. Part three was the end of Season 17 and now fans will wait for Season 18 which, based on the past, could premiere around the summertime.

What Will Replace It?

With Sister Wives gone, what will replace this fan favorite? TLC has now introduced a new guilty pleasure called MILF Manor. It revolves around eight older women who have a penchant for younger men. They will be sent to a manor in Mexico where eight men and a lot of fun await them. However, there is a twist about the eight men but fans and the women have no idea what it is. Fans are thinking that these guys may be the sons of the women but only time will tell.

Are you sad that Sister Wives is over but that a new exciting show is replacing it? Let us know in the comments and watch the premiere of MILF Manor Sunday night on TLC.



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  1. What a stupid show MILF is!! I’ve watched Bachelor, Bachelorette, bachelor in Paradise, 90 day Fiancé & Sister Wives, but MILF is disgusting!! Watched the 1st espisode & will not be watching any more!! This is the best they could come up with?!!

  2. Ditto to previous comments…Disgusting, tasteless, vile, not enough negative things I can say! Saw the name of show and didn’t even bother watching it. What makes you think most people want to see that garbage?!? EEEEWWW!🤢🤮

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