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Janelle Brown Blocks Out Memory From Time With Kody

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Janelle Brown has blocked out a memory from her time with her estranged husband, Kody. This happened recently as she was discussing a trip she was on with her youngest child, Savanah. So, what exactly happened, and what is the mother of six trying to suppress? Read on for more details.

Janelle Brown Blocks Out Memory From Time With Kody

It has been an interesting several months for Janelle Brown. She has made the decision to split from her husband of almost thirty years, Kody Brown. The writing had been on the wall for some time. However, it seemed that she was very committed to the polygamist lifestyle and was not going to leave. During the Season 17 tell-all, Janelle revealed that she is happier than ever since she and Kody split which makes her fans very happy.

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A few days ago, she shared that she and her daughter, Savanah were doing a reset to prepare for their vacation to Disney. Janelle Brown even got her nails done and was ready and raring to go. Earlier, she posted a photo of her and Savanah in Disney on her Instagram story yet she had a peculiar caption. “First day at Disney parks in the books. It was cold! I’ve never been to Orlando and had to wear a jacket the WHOLE day. Nice change from sweating all day I will say.”

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What’s so odd about that statement? Simply the fact that Janelle Brown was in Disney last March with her former sister wife, Christine, and her daughter, Maddie. They attended a Plexus event in Orlando while also spending time with their families in Disney according to Us Weekly. At the time, Janelle said this: “In Orlando for a Plexus Leadership Retreat. Best part? Maddie and Christine and several of the kids joining me.”

Taken A Different Way?

Upon first glance, it appears that Janelle Brown is saying she has never been to Orlando. It is understandable that she would want to block out March 2022 as that was right after the Season 16 tell-all aired. Her former sister wife, Christine had just shared that she and Kody were divorced so their lives were drastically shifting. However, rereading Janelle’s caption, she might have meant something else.

Christine Brown/IG
Christine Brown/IG



When they were last in Disney, the family was posing in tank tops and short sleeves. Therefore, what she most likely meant was that she had not been to Orlando when it was so cold that she had to be in a coat to keep her cozy. Either way, it is great for her to have a redo and some special bonding time with Savanah after all that has transpired within the family and between her and Kody.

Do you believe Janelle Brown wants to block out the bad times between herself and Kody? Or is she someone who lives with no regrets? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Reading comprehension is so important especially for a professional……Janelle did not say she had never been to Disney World. she said she’d never been and had to wear a jacket all day….

  2. stop reading into something that is not there. why don’t you dissect kodys every word and moves. lest we forget he doesn’t talk unless he is putting them down. he’s never to blame. such bull…….

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