Colton Underwood Shares True Feelings About Chris Harrison

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One of the former leads of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood, is sharing his true feelings about former host Chris Harrison. Colton had an iconic season of the show where he jumped a fence and ran away because he wasn’t happy with how things were going. Before he became the lead, he got his heart broken by Becca Kufrin. He tried going on Bachelor in Paradise but didn’t seem over Kufrin by that time.

Colton has since come out and found the perfect man for him. He’s engaged to his partner, Jordan C. Brown, and couldn’t be happier. TMZ caught up with Colton at an airport and walked alongside him to ask about Chris Harrison. This comes on the heels of Chris saying on his podcast he was heartbroken about what happened between him and the show. Harrison revealed he felt, “embarrassed,” by the whole situation. Colton answered questions about the podcast.

What Did Colton Underwood Say About Chris’s Situation?

TMZ asked Colton Underwood about the comments Chris made on his podcast. In response to the questions, Colton said he thinks Chris is in a good place. He commented that Harrison has found love. Additionally, the reporter asked if he thinks Chris should get a second chance. Colton said he hopes things have been wrapped up behind the scenes and everyone can just move on.

Colton Underwood and Chris Harrison, YouTube
Colton Underwood and Chris Harrison, YouTube

Chris made the Bachelor franchise for a lot of people. He talked leads through tricky situations and brought contestants back down when they were spiraling. Unfortunately, he got pushed out of his hosting role after he supported Rachael Kirkconnell in an antebellum-themed college party picture. In an interview with Rachel Lindsay about the winner of Matt James’s season controversial choices back then, he defended her actions which caused a lot of backlash.

Ultimately, leaving the show was the best choice for him. While he was devastated, he seems to be moving forward. His new podcast will be healing for him as he gets on with his life.

Chris Harrison, YouTube
Chris Harrison, YouTube

The Former Bachelor Knows About Bad Publicity

Colton Underwood can certainly sympathize with Chris’s situation. He had some bad press for a while because he allegedly stalked his ex-girlfriend Cassie Randolph. The behavior was allegedly so disturbing, Cassie filed a restraining order. She said he’d been stalking her and sending bad text messages from another number.

Eventually, they settled it outside of court, and Colton apologized to her on-air saying he, “put her through hell.” Colton understands things like that can really impact your life and he feels for Chris because he’s been there.

What do you think about Colton’s responses? More so, do you think he’s right and Chris is in a good place right now? Comment with your thoughts below.

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