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Carlin’s Husband Evan Stewart Puts Filming Before Family?

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Is Carlin Bates’ husband Evan Stewart putting filming before his family? Some Bringing Up Bates fans think it looks that way these days. A recent move by Evan left fans with a sour taste in their mouths. So, what exactly did he do? Keep reading for all of the details.

Note that this article contains images of a bloody injury that may be disturbing to some readers. 

Evan Stewart is often filming his family’s vlogs.

Many Bringing Up Bates fans enjoy keeping up with the Bates family members on Instagram and YouTube. Several of Gil and Kelly Bates’ kids have created YouTube channels and now upload weekly videos, giving fans a peek into their lives. Carlin and Evan are especially active on YouTube and share a new video every Saturday. It looks like he’s responsible for most of the filming, editing, and publishing. Fans are pretty impressed with the quality of the Stewart family’s videos.

Carlin Bates & Evan Stewart - YouTube
Carlin Bates & Evan Stewart – YouTube

The former Bringing Up Bates stars share a new video.

On Saturday, Jan. 14, Evan and Carlin published another video. This time, they shared an update on Carlin’s ongoing mysterious seizures. They met with a new neurologist because she could be dealing with epilepsy-induced migraines.

Later in the video, Evan Stewart captured footage from the aftermath of Carlin’s latest injury on camera. She was in the laundry room reaching for something off the top shelf. She ended up knocking down the iron, which hit her head. Though she was bleeding pretty badly, she didn’t need to go to the hospital or get stitches. In the video, Evan included a couple of photos of the injury and a few short clips of the ambulance showing up and the paramedics checking on Carlin.

Below, you can see a photo of Carlin after her injury.

Carlin Bates & Evan Stewart - YouTube
Carlin Bates & Evan Stewart – YouTube

Bringing Up Bates fans criticize Evan Stewart for putting filming before his family.

On Reddit, fans are discussing the incident in the new video, and many are unhappy with Evan’s actions. One fan said, “It’s still weird to me that your spouse is profusely bleeding from her head and your first thought is ‘let me document this for YouTube!'”

Several feel that Evan Stewart is too worried about filming for YouTube and put that ahead of his wife’s injury. In the past, they have shared many videos including health updates and injuries.

A couple of fans pointed out that Carlin’s doctors have asked for video footage of her seizures in the past. However, others argue that there’s a major difference between posting a video on YouTube and just showing it to a medical team. It looks like some Bringing Up Bates fans are concerned that Evan cares more about filming content that will get a lot of attention. It’s unclear what his motives are, but this video hasn’t been so well-received.

So, do you think that Evan Stewart is putting filming ahead of his family? Or do you think there is another possible explanation behind these recent actions? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates stars. Below, you can watch Carlin and Evan’s latest YouTube video and see what fans are talking about.

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