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Audrey Roloff Continues To Expose And Violate Jeremy’s Privacy

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Former Little People, Big World cast member, Audrey Roloff stepped out of the spotlight of the show to focus on her own family. She and her husband, Jeremy Roloff were on the show for years. When they started their family, they decided to choose a life without a reality television show. Although they wanted out of the spotlight, fans of the couple feel as if Audrey Roloff posts on social media entirely too much. After Audrey shared her holiday decorations, she received a lot of backlash. At one point, she told her fans that she was taking time off from social media, but it was clear that she was not.

Audrey Roloff’s Posting Gets Out of Hand

Audrey loves to show off her family to her followers on Instagram. Many of her followers appreciate Audrey’s posts, however, there are others who feel that she needs to slow down on sharing. In a recent post, this came up and fans were shocked at what she shared. Recently, The U.S. Sun shared a screenshot of what Audrey Roloff shared and fans were appalled by it. When they saw this post, they immediately started to question the fact that she has now shared too much of her family’s personal life.

Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Audrey Roloff- Instagram

Audrey Roloff has over a million followers on Instagram. She recently came under fire when she took pictures of her husband while he was sleeping. While he was napping, she posted a picture of Jeremy with their new kitten. She captioned it, “Sorry Jer, but this little armrest was too cute last night.” Of course, Audrey Roloff felt that this picture was adorable. Her fans thought that this is not something that she should ever share online.

As soon as some of her fans saw this post, they were quick to share their feelings. One wrote, “Woah, massive invasion of privacy. Taking pics when sleeping, in the bathroom, etc, you just don’t do that.” Another wrote, “Can you imagine not being able to sleep in your own home thinking your wife is sharing pictures with the world?”

The Social Media Life She Lives

Audrey Roloff always wanted to live life on her own outside of the show. She and Jeremy have been writing books and trying to promote being intentional. Many fans feel that she is living a facade online and their marriage isn’t how she describes it. Her followers feel that Audrey needs to show off just how intentional she is. Instead, she continues to push her family to pose for photos. There have been multiple photos of her kids looking miserable. Audrey takes every chance to share these intimate moments. This latest post proves that she needs to stop.

Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Audrey Roloff- Instagram

With all of her posts on social media, Audrey Roloff has been accused of faking this perfect life that she has created online.

What do you think about Audrey’s recent post? Is this pushing the privacy of her husband? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to TV Shows Ace for more!

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