Tony Padron Continues To Win The Hearts Of Fans

Tony Padron- TLC

Sister Wives cast member, Tony Padron has been busy helping his wife, Mykelti Padron, raise their three adorable children. Just last November, they welcomed twin boys. Luckily, Myketli’s mother, Christine Brown, has been back in Utah to help out. Tony has been sharing a lot of photos and videos of his family with fans. He has been seen with his sister-in-law, Aspyn Brown, and her husband, and it seems like he is incredibly happy these days.

Tony Padron’s Newest Instagram Posts

It didn’t take long for fans of Sister Wives to fall for Tony Padron. He has become a fan favorite for many reasons. Surprisingly, he has been open about his feelings about Christine leaving Kody Brown. Tony hasn’t held back and fans have learned to really like his approach to life. Fans have praised Tony saying, “He is so sweet and supportive. He gets way too much hate considering how great of a husband he is.”

Tony Padron, yet again is bringing the cute moments in fatherhood to his fans. Recently, he shared a video of Mykelti with their daughter, Avalon. In this video, Avalon is actually riding on her mother’s back. Tony captioned it, “Avalon on her favorite ride Mamasaurus!” Fans were quick to applaud him for capturing this sweet moment. Many fans think that Mykelti doesn’t get to see these amazing moments again with her children since she is generally the one filming them. Now it looks like Tony Padron is playing cameraman!

As soon as Tony’s fans saw this video, they were quick to start in with the love. One fan wrote, “This is so adorable! What a great mommy!” One more added, “Avalon is getting so big! She is just so cute and she has some really awesome parents too!”

Tony Padron- Instagram
Tony Padron- Instagram

Those Adorable Moments

It is very clear that Tony Padron loves to capture precious moments in his family’s life. Now that he is sharing more videos with his fans, he is winning their hearts! Mykelti appreciates the fact that he has been able to share these moments and that she can relive them with him. He has truly been overloading his fans with cuteness lately. He recently shared some great photos of Ace and Archer with his father. Tony Padron applauded his father for being so kind and loving. His fans also pointed out just how much the twins look like him.

With all of the posts from Tony Padron filled with his children, of course, his fans are praising him. By sharing all of this cuteness, he has won their hearts. His fans hope that he will continue to share these adorable moments and they can’t wait to see more.

Tony Padron- Instagram
Tony Padron- Instagram

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