Sean Lowe Dishes On Successful Marriage Secrets

Sean Lowe/IG

Sean Lowe had some knowledge to share regarding keeping the heat in your marriage after kids. Sean and his wife Catherine Giudici Lowe met on his season of The Bachelor. They got engaged and are a fan favorite in Bachelor Nation.

The couple has three children and recently Sean took to Instagram to share some secrets of a fiery and healthy marriage. Fans fell in love with Sean Lowe on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette. After being sent home and healing from that journey, he made a great Bachelor lead.

The Former Bachelor Is An Amazing Family Man

Sean loves his family and has a lot of fun with his kids. On his most recent Instagram story, he shared his dog in the yard saying he was in a “down, stay ” while Sean ran inside for a minute. The next video was the picture below where he said his son was doing a “sit, stay” while he watched television for six hours.

Sean Lowe, Instagram
Sean Lowe, Instagram

Sean is well-known for his funny captions on Instagram. On another cute picture of his kids, he noted one of his favorite things about the holidays is it makes him stop and take inventory of his blessings. He then added, “I can’t think of any at this moment, but I know I have some.” Of course, he knows how blessed he is. Yet, his humor is unmatched when it comes to Instagram captions which is probably why fans love him so much.

How Does Sean Lowe Keep The Spark Alive?

Sean Lowe did an Instagram Q and A according to Bachelor Nation and shared what keeps him and Catherine going strong. Lowe shared commitment to making it work every day is key. The couple has admitted their marriage started out full of yelling at each other. They even went on Celebrity Marriage Bootcamp to work on some of their issues.

When a fan asked how they keep things spicy Sean said, “don’t let kids sleep in your bed!” He also joked that it helps if the man is, “dripping in testosterone,” like himself. Sean also added that he thinks his kids look more like their mama. He then shared a picture of the three of them and fans agreed, that the boys, Sam and Isaiah look like her but the little girl Mia looks like him.

Sean Lowe, YouTube
Sean Lowe and Catherine, YouTube

In a previous article we reported, Sean believes that he married his best friend. Furthermore, he also credited their Christian faith as it helped them grow as a couple, together. Looks like he most definitely found his match. What do you think about Sean’s tips for keeping the flame alive in a marriage? Read more about Sean and Catherine here. Plus, comment with your thoughts down below. As always come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Bachelor Nation.

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