‘GMA’ Amy Robach Awkwardly Reunites With Andrew Shue

Amy Robach & Andrew Shue

Amy Robach had a tense conversation with her estranged husband Andrew Shue. The two awkwardly met up on the streets of New York City. This comes amid the reports about Amy’s future on Good Morning America. So far, the news is mixed as to whether ABC will fire her.

The network hasn’t announced its decision. If there’s any truth to the reports, Amy could lose her position with both GMA3 and 20/20. She looked downcast in a recent sighting as she spoke with her husband, who she’s still married to. Keep reading for more details of their meet-up.

Amy Robach & Andrew Shue [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

Awkward interaction with Andrew Shue

Andrew Shue hasn’t spoken out about the alleged affair. Instead, he’s kept to himself, even on social media. Amy Robach met up with him to hand off their Maltipoo dog Brody to him. It was an awkward and tense moment between the two.

In the photos obtained by The U.S. Sun, Amy wore a brown jacket with a black camisole underneath. She also wore cuffed boyfriend jeans and a black leather handbag over her shoulder. The GMA3 co-anchor looked upset during her walk.

She met up with her estranged spouse, who also didn’t look too happy. Andrew wore a black quilted jacket over a gray zip-up hoodie and black pants. The two were in a tense discussion. Amy passed off their family dog over to Andrew.


The television personality has since moved out of their marital home. She lives in her new apartment, where she spent many nights with her boyfriend TJ Holmes. The two were caught on numerous occasions together in late November. Amy and TJ claim they were separated by their respective spouses during the time of the sightings.

However, this came as a surprise to their partners. Both Andrew and Marilee Fiebig, TJ Holmes’ estranged wife, were caught by surprise. Amy and TJ have been off the air since the news of their alleged affair. They recently lawyered up in light of the news of their firing.

Amy Robach looks downcast in NYC

Amy Robach all throughout the sighting. She was without her new beau. It could cause an even more tense scene between the two men. The two couples used to hang out together and went on double dates.

That won’t be the case anymore. Amy Robach kept a distance from Andrew during the sighting. At one point, Andrew petted their family dog while Amy looked at her phone. The two cordially smiled as they spoke for a few minutes. They both walked away after their short-lived discussion.

Meanwhile, Amy Robach and TJ are nervous about their jobs. They both hired their own lawyers in case ABC does fire them. The couple is citing racism as the reason for the decision. Sources say they’re preparing for the worst outcome of this situation.

What are your thoughts on Amy Robach’s interaction with Andrew Shue? Does this surprise you? What do you think will come out of their divorce? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I honestly believe that their affair is no one’s business including GMA ! They continued to do their jobs without any interruptions. What they do in their private life is their concern and no one else’s. I do think that some of GMA employee’s have made it their business to stir up trouble which is absolutely wrong. They need to move on and mind their own business period!

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