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Does Genevieve Parisi Have ‘BIP’ Regrets?

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Genevieve Parisi thought maybe she’d found love on Bachelor in Paradise. She hit it off with Justin Glaze and then Aaron Clancy. However, neither ended up working out for her. Aaron broke up with her right before the season ended. So, since she is still single, does she have any regrets about hitting the beach this past summer? Keep reading to find out more.

Does Genevieve Parisi have Bachelor in Paradise regrets?

Paradise was stressful for Genevieve. She was often seen upset and some feel overly dramatic during her time on BIP. Now that it’s over does she have any regrets?

Bachelor Nation shared what Genevieve had to say about her experience. She said, “Honestly, I don’t think I could do anything differently. I could definitely make a list of 100 mistakes I made, but in the moment of making those mistakes I was just acting on my feelings in the best way I could in the situation I was in.”

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Not only did Genevieve end up alone, she found out post show that Aaron Clancy allegedly had two girlfriends before heading to the beach. She talked about it after the finale and shared that it all made sense learning this information. It gave her clarity. Aaron never planned on leaving the beach with her or anyone because he had someone waiting on him back home.

Genevieve even spoke with one of the girls as did Reality Steve. She said the girl was super sweet and told her numerous stories about Aaron. She went further and said she thinks Aaron is still with one of the girls. There are photos of them together pre and post Paradise. 

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Some think she is too dramatic, plus who she wants to see as the next leads

Genevieve also shared her thoughts on some fans thinking she is too dramatic. She said, “I usually agree about being too dramatic honestly, but I learned to not care because my friends and family know who I am and I know my heart and love myself for who I am.”

Genevieve also shared who she thinks is worthy of the next leading roles on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. She believes Rachel Recchia should get a second go at the show since she ended up alone. She also thinks Rodney Mathews should be The Bachelor. What do you think of her choices?

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This beautiful woman may not have found love this summer on the beach but she is not giving up. She hopes to get married someday and even have four children. Will she head to the beach again next summer?

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