Will Molly’s Split From Cynthia & BF Affect Her Gig On ‘Pillow Talk’?

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How will Molly Hopkins’ split from her boyfriend and best friend affect her stint on Pillow Talk? Both of her relationships with these core people in her life have soured. That being said, will it impact her time on the 90 Day Fiance spinoff? Read on for more details.

The Downfall Of Molly, Kelly, & Cynthia Affects Pillow Talk?

Molly Hopkins has been a staple on Pillow Talk for some time now. She started out with her best friend, Cynthia Decker as her sidekick and fans adored them. They made an impeccable comedy duo. Then, Molly started dating Kelly Brown during her time on The Single Life. He occasionally would fill in for Cynthia on Pillow Talk when needed. Those who loved Molly appreciated seeing her have a great banter with a man in her life. Furthermore, they were happy to see her so in love with ‘Cop’ Kelly.

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Sadly, in November, Cynthia revealed that she and Molly were no longer friends. Furthermore, she shared that she would not be on Pillow Talk anymore. This was a big blow to fans of the series. Following this, it seemingly came out that Kelly and Molly had split up. So, what does this mean for Molly’s future on the spinoff? She always had a partner that fans enjoyed watching her feed off of. Now, she has no one viewers can relate to and that will make it hard for her to return.

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Molly and Cynthia used to own a lingerie business together, Livi Rae. However, it underwent some changes and Cynthia is no longer a part of it anymore as she shared on her Instagram. This has been heartbreaking and anxiety-causing but she is grateful for her daughter throughout it all. Fans have sent their support to Cynthia, saying that she was the show and that they hope to see her on their screens again soon. More so, they seem to just want Cynthia over Molly.

What Does It Mean?

At this point, it is quite clear that Molly is not reconciling with Kelly or Cynthia so where does that leave her on Pillow Talk? Most likely, she knew what she was doing when she parted ways with Cynthia. Something serious had to go down for them not to even be able to stay in business together. Therefore, if Cynthia was not returning to the show and Kelly is out of the picture, Molly has to realize that she cannot do the show alone. She had a great gig with her and her bestie; they made people belly laugh to no end. Now, that is over and so is her stint on Pillow Talk. 

Do you think there is a way to bring back Molly to Pillow Talk? Would you want to see her there without Cynthia or Kelly? Let us know in the comments below.


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    1. Yes I would lobe to do pillow talk with her I think she is so cool I’m with u all the way I’m Terri McMillan I’m from PA I would love to do the show with u Molly .

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