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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Fed-Up With Food & Drink Puzzles

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Fans of Wheel of Fortune are fed up with the Food & Drink puzzles. The recent ones made them angry. On Thursday’s broadcast of America’s Game Show, they rooted for one player who swept the game. They accused the show of robbing him of the bonus prize. Keep on reading to learn more.

Wheel of Fortune player stumped by Food & Drink puzzle

During the latest episode of Wheel of Fortune, Keith racked up $48,000 before the bonus round. Fans were rooting for him to win the final round. The Texas native chose “Food & Drink” as the category. The two-word puzzle had him scratching his head.

Keith & Pat Sajak [YouTube]
It was half-done when he chose four more letters. Keith didn’t realize that the answer was “Foamy Milk.” He side-eyed Host Pat Sajak, who unveiled the puzzle. Unfortunately, Keith missed out on a vehicle because of that difficult puzzle.

He could’ve won a 2023 Nissan. The studio audience went “Aww.” Pat told them: “There’s no awwing here!” He shared that Keith is still walking away with a good amount of money. The contestant shrugged in reaction. He looked upset over his loss.

Foamy Milk Food & Drink Puzzle [YouTube]
The viewers at home couldn’t figure out the puzzle either. Wheel of Fortune fans took to Twitter to share their reaction to the prize puzzle. Most of them accused the show of robbing Keith of the prize.

  • “‘Foamy Milk’ how the hell was he supposed to get that right?”
  • “Your puzzle for the final prize was a joke! ‘Foamy milk’ in the category of food and drink was UNFAIR! That is not a phrase at all. Your show has gotten lame.”
  • “‘Foamy Milk’ Oh puh-lease! Get over it, Wheel! Worst bonus puzzle!”
  • “#WheelofFortune who drinks foamy milk???”
  • “Keith got jived, BS Foamed Milk?? REALLY. We know you gave out a ton of cash this week that’s a crock of s**t come on ya freaking robbed the guy. Keith you did awesome.”

America’s Game Show has head-scratching puzzles

The Food & Drink puzzles left a bad taste in most people’s mouths. This comes days after another food combination made fans sick. On Wednesday’s broadcast of Wheel of Fortune, Michelle correctly guessed an unappealing snack. She questioned herself when she said, “Garlic Ice Cream.”

“Really? Garlic ice cream?!?! I’ll pass,” one Wheel of Fortune fan tweeted.

Pat Sajak Opens Bonus Prize [YouTube]
There were other head-scratching puzzles like “Buttered Chestnuts,” which aired during a holiday episode last month. Some fans were so uncomfortable by the phrase, they felt that it bumped up the family-friend game show’s rating to PG-13.

What are your thoughts on the Food & Drink categories? Do you agree with Wheel of Fortune fans that they’re out of control lately? Sound off below in the comment section.

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