Wedding Bells Soon For Pieper James & Brendan Morais?

Pieper James, YouTube

Pieper James of Bachelor in Paradise answered questions on her Instagram account including some about when she’d like to marry Brendan Morais. The couple wasn’t the most well-received on the beach after it became clear they were dating outside of Paradise and came for each other.

Fans accused them of doing it for Klout and social media followers. Luckily, they left the beach as a couple and have remained a couple ever since. Brendan and Pieper have kept a low profile but will post videos and pictures together. Every one of their posts has someone commenting to remind them of what happened. The couple drew criticism from others on the beach for taking away from those who could have been there to find someone. Natasha Parker was particularly angry because she thought she’d formed a connection with Brendan.

When Pieper posted about them giving to kids’ cancer research, someone trolled them about “scamming people on Paradise.” Brendan replied to them saying, “It’s rather offensive to bring up a fake narrative from a fake show on our post about donating money to cancer research.”

When Does Pieper James Want To Settle Down?

Piper James answered questions for fans on her Instagram. When the question of marriage came up, she said she wants to settle down, “eventually.” According to Bachelor Nation, Pieper said it wasn’t at the top of her list anymore. James said she loves Brendan, but she needs to get it together a bit more.

Pieper James, YouTube
Pieper James, YouTube

She said she wants to be, “a little more independent in all aspects of my life before I’m ready for us to be married.” James thinks Brendan would agree with her. The reality star also thinks marriage is presented to women like it will, “fix all your problems.” She likes where she and Brendan are currently headed right now.

She Shared Her Goals For The New Year

Pieper James wants to be an influencer on social media like a lot of Bachelor Nation stars. She also wants to get back to working full-time. Sharing her vision board with followers she said her goal is to make quality content on TikTok about fashion, hair, and travel.

Pieper James, TikTok
Pieper James, TikTok

The board also had goals for traveling a lot more. She has some vlogs of her and Brendan traveling on YouTube, as well. Her following is slowly growing as people forget about what happened on BIP and start to enjoy her personality.

Pieper plans on doing more but not allowing herself to talk herself out of it regardless of how hard it may be. Sounds like a good mantra. What do you think of Pieper’s plans for her relationship and life? Yet, are you still angry with them for trying to scam the system on BIP? Read more about their time on the show here then comment with your thoughts below.

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