‘Unexpected’ Myrka Cantu Welcomes Baby #2?

Myrka Cantu/YouTube

Has Unexpected alum Myrka Cantu welcomed baby number two? Though she has deleted her Instagram, she tries to give as many updates as she can via TikTok. A recent video led fans to believe that she had delivered her second baby. When a follower made a comment, Myrka did respond. So, is she officially a mother of two? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Myrka Cantu Welcomes Baby #2?

When Myrka Cantu announced that she was expecting her second child, she seemed to be in a much better place. She was now living on her own and she was in a stable relationship. More so, she felt better about the situation as a whole. However, when she was close to halfway through her pregnancy, she opted to delete her social media. She got rid of all of her Instagram and everything on it. It appeared that Myrka Cantu was ready for a fresh start with her beau, daughter Attalie, and baby number two.

Myrka Cantu/YouTube

In August of 2022, as she was prepping to go to her baby shower, it was leaked that she was having another girl. She did not seem so bothered by that and continued to use TikTok to share updates. By winter, she was ready to get baby girl #2 out of her belly. Now, in her latest video, Myrka talks about setting boundaries and not letting people push them. She is wearing is sports bra but her belly appears to be visibly smaller. Did she give birth already?

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“You looking amazing mamas 💓🫶🏼 congratulations 🎉 and baby#2 it’s hard in the beginning but I’ll will get easier as she grows 💟🦋,” one follower commented. To that, Myrka Cantu replied: “We have transitioned really smoothly actually! Got a routine down within the first couple of days.” So, there is the confirmation that her second baby girl is here and everyone is doing really well. That is amazing news as it was not so easy the first time around.

Better Days

Myrka Cantu was a young teen when she gave birth to Attalie. Her mother was so infuriated over the situation that she threw her out of their house. This was all documented in Season 4 of Unexpected. Myrka proceeded to go live with her boyfriend, Ethan, and his family who was very supportive. They helped as much as they could until his parents split up which caused Myrka and Ethan to go it alone. Eventually, they broke up, as well and too much drama ensued. Finally, Myrka made up with her mother but did not have the typical ending to her high school years. Fortunately, she found a new man who loves her and Attalie and she appears to be on a bright, new path.

Are you excited for Myrka Cantu to start this new chapter or did you not even realize that she was pregnant again? Let us know in the comments.


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