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‘Today’ Spotlights Teen With Cerebral Palsy Headed For Harvard


The Today show shared a heartwarming story of a teen with Cerebral Palsy who is now headed for Harvard. The 17-year-old Woodstock Academy senior, Matthew Myslenski was ready for rejection. In a video that went viral for all the right reasons, the brave heart was seen getting emotional at the news of his approval at the elite school. What was the video about? Keep reading to find out the details!

Matthew’s Viral Clip Has 3 Million+ Views On Social Media

Last month, Matthew logged on to check his Harvard University application status. While prepared for rejection, the aspiring teen was shocked to see that he was really accepted. As he was in awe of the news, he had no idea that millions of people across the globe would witness this sweet moment and admire his diligence.

Matthew Myslenski Today Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

The reaction video recorded by Matthew and his twin sister Magda has garnered a whopping 3 Million views on TikTok and Instagram. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Matthew decided at the age of seven that he wanted to go to Harvard to complete his education. More so, his wish came true in December and his reaction has moved strangers all over the world. Many even described the clip as a candid moment of pure joy and happiness unfolding in real-time.

Today Shares Matthew’s Message For Viewers

In the viral video shared by Today on Instagram, the twins sat next to one another on the couch with a computer in front as he saw his acceptance letter. Furthermore, the siblings lost it and started shouting, hugging with excitement after confetti appeared on the screen. Adding to the charm of the clip was their pet dog, sitting beside them, seeming just as curious.

Screaming at the news, Magdalena hugged her brother and said in excitement, “NO WAY!”

Matthew mirrored his sister’s reaction. He said, “NO WAY! I was completely in shock.” In a conversation with Today, the teen said, “I don’t limit myself with anything. And I want to inspire others to not limit themselves either.”

Matthew’s Acceptance At Harvard Wasn’t A Surprise

Cerebral Palsy is a group of disorders that affects an individual’s ability to maintain balance and posture or move.

Talking about his disorder, Matthew said,

“Not only did I have to challenge myself academically, but I also had to physically work to get to a point where I can do what I want to do. So, no matter what your ability is, you can achieve what you want to in life. You can overcome anything that you want to.”

Today Matthew Myslenski Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Finally, Matthew’s teachers have also described him as one of the hardworking students at his school. So, it wasn’t surprising that a student with such dedication and caliber got accepted at an Ivy League school.

What do you think of this emotional viral video? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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