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‘Love After Lockup’: Are Tia & Nicolle Over For Good?

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Are Love After Lockup alums Tia Simmons and Nicolle Bradley over for good? It seems to appear that way. After taking one glance at Nicolle’s social media, it is clear that she is doing her own thing. So, what happened to the once happily in love couple? Read on for more details.

Love After Lockup: Are Tia & Nicolle Over For Good?

Tia Simmons and Nicolle Bradley’s relationship carried them over to Life After Lockup. From there, they ended up getting engaged and then married. Though Nicolle initially started out on the show with Daonte Sierra, she ultimately fell back into the arms of her ex-girlfriend. Daonte still tried to pursue her and was almost open to being a throuple. However, that never panned out. Now, it seems that the fairy tale between Nicolle and Tia has come to an end but why?

Nicolle Bradley/YouTube
Nicolle Bradley

According to Starcasm, the truth was revealed thanks to Kiki and Kibbitz. Someone spoke to Mary from K&K and had some insider information to share. The duo supposedly parted ways back in October or November. That was about the time that Nicolle had posted that she would be dancing again at a strip club. Additionally, Nicolle was hanging out at her ex, Daonte’s home. This was before his new boo, CeCe came to live with him.


According to Mary: “They were hanging out on his couch, watching their old episodes together like good old buddies. He was giving her money. You know, the same old routine: Daonte giving money, hoping he’ll get some, and he didn’t get ANY. Nicolle still hasn’t given him any. He still gives up the money, but he don’t get the pffft. He’s not getting the p***y.”

What Happened Next?

It looks like the Love After Lockup star’s wife was not too happy upon learning this info so Tia tracked down Nicolle to Daonte’s. The source told Mary this: “[Tia] rolled up on them and that’s pretty much the end of their relationship because Tia’s, like, ‘What the f**k? Of all people, you go run to him? Ultimate betrayal.” So, essentially, it was Daonte who broke the marriage’s back. At this point, both women have avoided the subject of the breakup. They are not on social media to address it in any capacity.

Tia Simmons/YouTube
Tia Simmons

As for Daonte, he was on the last season of Life After Lockup with another former inmate, Lindsey Downs. Yet, his overpowering nature became too much for the single mother. She was just trying to get her life back and he was nonstop. Lindsey ultimately ended up with her good friend, Blaine. They will return for the upcoming season of LAL while Daonte was dating CeCe but there have been no updates.

Are you shocked that Nicolle and Tia broke up? More so, do you think Daonte was the cause? Let us know and watch new episodes of Love After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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