Lauren & Arie Luyendyk Dish On Rumors, Bachelor Nation

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Bachelor couple Lauren and Arie Luyendyk Jr. are clarifying some assumptions that fans seem to have about them. Some of the rumors are that they are filthy rich, never fight and hate Bachelor Nation. What are their answers to these rumors? Keep reading to find out more.

Lauren and Arie Luyendyk clarify rumors surrounding them

Bachelor Nation shared what Lauren and Arie Luyendyk had to say about rumors that surround them. They shared all the details on their latest YouTube channel post. One of the questions fans assume about the happily married couple is that they do not fight. Many fans think they have it easy. Arie said, “It is absolutely not so easy. We get this a lot, but I think it’s because we highlight the easy days. We went to the beach the other day and things were so smooth when the babies were playing in the sand. But when we went to the beach another day, it was not so smooth. They were screaming.”

He explained further saying, “Alessi was trying to pee in a bush, Lux was screaming because he saw Lauren in the ocean, Senna was eating sand, and it was fine! Here’s the thing: What you guys see is the good days and easier days. Those are the times when we’re able to pick up our camera and film. The days when we’re radio silent it was probably a tough day.”

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Lauren also shared her thoughts. She said every couple has arguments. She also said she wouldn’t necessarily say they fight but more like they bicker. Arie also said it all comes out of frustration at certain situations. Then, when they bicker they soon realize their argument was silly and soon apologize.

Lauren even said Arie is the first to reach out say he’s sorry. They also reiterated that their life is not always easy and social media is a highlight reel.

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Other assumptions debunked

Lauren and Arie also talked about fan assumptions that they are filthy rich. They said they are very goal driven and each successful in their own way. They actually treat each other as equals and compete against one another each year.

The couple also talked about rumors they hate Bachelor Nation. Lauren and Arie said that is absolutely not true. They are proud to be one of the successful love stories from the franchise. Lauren and Arie do not have a lot to do with the franchise but it doesn’t lessen their thankfulness for where they met and fell in love. They did note it would be nice if Zach’s season of The Bachelor could be more about love than drama which fans have seen a lot of over the last several seasons.

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