Jessie James Decker Tells Haters To ‘Enjoy The Ride’

Jessie James Decker Wears Leopard Blazer [Jessie James Decker | Instagram]

Jessie James Decker has a message for the haters out there. She’s telling them to “enjoy the ride.” The Dancing with the Stars alum warned her followers that she was going to show off her body for the sake of her Kittenish brand. As usual, she got some hate for her sexy Instagram posts lately. See what she has to say.

DWTS alum looks unrecognizable in sweats

On Thursday, January 12, Jessie James Decker shared a clip on her Instagram feed. She wore a gray plaid shirt with white sweatpants. The singer was unrecognizable with her makeup-free appearance, which she paired with black house slippers and eyeglasses. Jessie did a funny dance as she held her huge water bottle.

Jessie James Decker Poses In Black Cut-Out Dress [Jessie James Decker | Instagram]
[Jessie James Decker | Instagram]
Her brown hair was slicked back in a low ponytail. She still looked somewhat made up even though she was casual. In her Instagram post, Jessie had a message for the haters out there. She clapped back at those who complained that she keeps showing her body on her Instagram feed.

“‘All she does is show us her boobs lately’… for all those who feel personally victimized by Jessie’s boobs please say ‘I,'” Jessie James Decker wrote in the caption of her Instagram Reel. “Here’s a video to hopefully make it all better. I have a clothing brand and we launched a panties and bra collection and I have fake boobies.”

The reality star joked that she doesn’t know what else she could tell her followers. She ended her message by telling the haters to “enjoy the ride” and “it’ll all be okay.” Jessie has been feeling under the weather lately, which explains her appearance in the video. Yet, she has to put up with the haters over her constant promo for her Kittenish brand.

Fans share their support for Jessie James Decker

She got a lot of laughs from her followers and fans. They took to the comment section to share their support for Jessie James Decker. Most of them were in agreement that if they had her body, they would show it off too. Here are just some of the comments:

  • If I had them I would be showing them off everywhere as well. You do you!! Happy to be a victim.
  • Hahahahahaha I love you and that you have a voice….it’s your story, live it!
  • Ignore the jealous haters. πŸ˜‚
  • As another woman who gets accused of victimizing others with her big boobs, I’m here to say big boob shaming has to stop. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jessie James Decker got a lot of support from fellow women, who empathized with her. They shared that they get judged for having curves. What are your thoughts on Jessie’s message to her haters? Do you agree with her? Sound off below in the comment section.

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