A Glimpse Inside Kelly Ripa’s Bedroom Of Her $27M Townhouse

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Kelly Ripa rarely shares photos or videos from inside her home, even though that is where she spends most of her time. However, more recently, she’s been giving fans a glimpse into her home life and, more importantly, into her bedroom which she shares with Mark Consuelos. Keep reading to learn more about her glamorous home and look inside her bedroom.

Inside Kelly Ripa’s $27 Million Townhouse

Kelly Ripa has two homes, one located in New York and the other in the Hamptons. Her Manhattan home is the one where she spends most of her time. Although she isn’t known for showing off the inside of her home, she gave followers a look inside her bedroom recently.

You could see her dog curled up on the pillows as she entered the room. In the video, Ripa wrote, “She knows she’s not supposed to be on the bed.” Then, the Live With Kelly and Ryan host panned around the room, giving a good look at the stylish room.

The clip showed some modern tables on either side of the bed. There was also a fluffy rug with plush-looking white bedding. A metallic wall behind her bed serves as the focal point for the room and really gives the space a modern look overall.

Kelly Ripa bedroom - Instagram
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At this point, this is the most fans have seen of Kelly’s bedroom. She shared a clip of Mark in bed once previously, but it didn’t reveal as much of the room.

In addition to the gorgeous bedroom, Kelly Ripa’s Manhattan townhome has a foyer, where she normally takes photos. She loves to show off the high ceiling and chandeliers in the home. It also has a rooftop terrace with a beautiful view of the city.

Kelly Ripa Misses Mark Conseulos In the Bedroom

Having such a lavish bedroom without anyone to share it with could get depressing. Kelly’s husband Mark travels a lot for work and, therefore, isn’t always there in the morning when she wakes up.


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After getting used to him being home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Kelly Ripa has had to get used to her husband being gone again. She said, “It was a testament that we really like each other. I’m sad not to wake up with him, it’s very sad. I will miss him, that’s all I can say. We can’t go back and forth, that’s the problem.”

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