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Gwendlyn Brown Wants Christine & Janelle To Hook Up?

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After accidentally spilling the beans, Gwendlyn Brown has done what she could to sidestep questions regarding whether Janelle Brown was still in a relationship with Kody. Now that the cat is very much out of the bag, however, she can be a bit freer with her words.

Turns out, Gwendlyn actually has some pretty strong feelings regarding Christine and Janelle’s relationship. With Kody out of the picture, is she secretly shipping Christine and Janelle?

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Gwendlyn Brown wants Janelle and Christine to hook up

In her most recent upload to YouTube, Christine Brown’s daughter had some pretty strong ideas regarding the future of the TLC series. Unlike her father Kody (who fans believe is trying to drive a wedge between Janelle and Christine), Gwen is here for their friendship. In fact, it sounds as if Gwendlyn would like them to entertain the idea of being more than friends. In fact, Gwendlyn Brown thinks Christine and Janelle hooking up after dumping Kody would make for a killer TLC spin-off series.

I think we should have a spinoff series where my mom and Janelle get together. Tell me you don’t love that idea. Sister Wives. It should be called Sister WIVES — I’m a genius.”

Now, for those who dive deep into fan chatter in Facebook groups and on Reddit, Gwendlyn’s thought process on two of Kody’s wives running away together (or one of Kody’s wives batting for the other team) isn’t that farfetched of a thought.

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Wait, are Christine and Janelle interested in women?

Now, as far as most fans would agree neither Janelle nor Christine have given off vibes that they are into women. This is with the exception of Christine revealing a few female celebrity crushes including Blake Lively, Kelly Clarkson, and Emily Blunt. In the interview, Christine noted they were all “beautiful.” And, she just couldn’t help but admire them because of it.

There are some fans, however, that question if Janelle Brown might actually be a-sexual. Outside of having children with Kody out of duty, Janelle seemed pretty content with a no-affection friendship with her husband as she lived a mostly independent life.

Now, Sister Wives fans are in agreement that Christine and Janelle should totally have a spin-off series focused on their friendship. Fans thinking this, however, do not necessarily see them hooking up.

Would you watch a Christine and Janelle spin-off series? How would you feel if they linked up romantically? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives.

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