‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fans Perplexed By Whitney Bates’ IG Activity

Whitney Bates- Bringing Up Bates- YouTube

Bringing Up Bates fans are perplexed by Whitney Bates’ Instagram activity. The family’s followers recently noticed an interesting detail about how Whitney uses social media, and they don’t feel that it’s all adding up. Scroll down to find out more about this recent realization and see what’s going on.

Whitney Bates’ Instagram Activity

Bringing Up Bates fans know that the show sadly came to an end a year ago. UPtv pulled the plug on the series right before airing its 11th season. To this day, the reason behind the cancelation is unknown, but fans have several theories. Without the show on UPtv anymore, fans have turned to social media to keep up with the Bates family.

Whitney and her husband Zach Bates share a profile, though it looks like she primarily runs their page. She often posts photos of their four kids, Bradley, Kaci, Khloé, and Jadon, documenting their birthdays, fun outings, and more.

Whitney Bates- Bringing Up Bates- YouTube

One fact about Whitney’s social media activity has left her followers totally confused because it seems out of the norm for her.

Bringing Up Bates Fans Left Perplexed

While fans were digging around on Instagram recently, they found out that Whitney is following someone they weren’t expecting to see. On Reddit, one fan pointed out that Whitney follows Jamie Otis Hehner of Married at First Sight. The fan explained, “Jamie has been very vocal about advocating for reproductive rights (even mentioning her own abortion), as well as supporting the C-vaccine. I find it exciting that Whitney would be open to following someone with different views.”

As Bringing Up Bates fans know, the family holds very conservative Christian views. So, this is why fans are so confused about Whitney’s decision to follow someone who’s not so conservative.

Some fans are arguing that Whitney might just be following Jamie because she’s another influencer and reality TV star who’s a mom. However, someone pointed out, “Jamie is on another level because she’s so outspoken about her more liberal viewpoints. You’d think Whitney would unfollow her after seeing those kinds of things.”

Below, you can see a screenshot of Jamie’s Instagram profile. Note that it says, “Followed by ZachNWhitBates” at the bottom of the page.

Jamie Otis Instagram - Whitney Bates (Bringing Up Bates)
Jamie Otis Instagram – Whitney Bates (Bringing Up Bates)

It’s unclear why Whitney follows Jamie and whether their differing viewpoints are an issue. It seems unlikely that Whitney will address this though, so fans may not get the answers they’re looking for.

So, do you think it’s odd that Whitney Bates follows someone like Jamie Otis with such different views? Or do you feel that fans are making a bigger deal out of it than necessary? Do you have any idea why she might follow her? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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