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Whoopi Goldberg Interrupted By Co-Host In Odd On-Air Moment


The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg was interrupted by her co-host Sunny Hostin in an odd on-air moment. The 67-year-old called out her co-host who was seen engaged in something else while she was sharing her take on a political topic. Why was Whoopi interrupted? Keep reading to find out the details!

Whoopi Goldberg Asks Sunny Hostin If She Is Alright

The Sister Act actress had to suddenly pause for a moment and seemed confused after she saw Sunny engaged elsewhere. During the political segment, Sunny Hostin was heard speaking in a hush-hush tone in the background while Whoopi was talking on air. The American lawyer was heard saying, “How does it look, sharp?”

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

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Sunny was presumably speaking to one of the show’s producers. A puzzled Whoopi looked at her co-host and asked, “You alright?” The 54-year-old was thrown off by her co-host’s question and attempted to answer it. She responded, “I’m being told that we have a picture that I want to call up.” As reported by The Sun, the senior legal correspondent referred to a picture she wanted the moderator and others to check out.

Soon, the picture she talked about appeared on the screen as the stressed-out moderator continued to discuss politics with Sunny Hostin without discussing the interruption or the picture anymore.

The View Fans Claim Whoopi Finds Winston Duke Attractive

Last week, Whoopi Goldberg had another strange moment during an episode of The View that interviewed actor Winston Duke. After the cast was finished with the interview and the talk show returned from the commercial break, Whoopi had a careless remark about its tone. She said, “That last interview’s the kind of interview you should just lay back and smoke a cigarette after that.”

Winston Duke YouTube The View

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Just as the moderator made this comment, the camera immediately panned in on her. She was laid back in the seat and mimed the motion of taking a drag from a cigarette. She soon jumped from one topic to another as she introduced a story about a travel hack. The comedian didn’t elaborate on what her remark meant and kept the show going.

However, The View fans believed the comment was a reference to Whoopi finding the guest Winston attractive. Moreover, they believe this phrase could hint at the act of smoking after being intimate with someone.

Whoopi Goldberg Makes Cat Noises On-Air

In another episode, the Grammy Award winner made a few weird noises on air. As her co-host Sara Haines shared a story in the Hot Topics segment, Whoopi Goldberg acted like a feline. In the segment, Joy Behar and Sunny offered different opinions and almost had banter. However, viewers could hear cat noises off-camera.

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

[Source: YouTube]

As the camera panned to the source of the noise, it was Whoopi who was making angry cat noises as her co-hosts spoke denoting that it was a catfight.

What do you think of Sunny interrupting Whoopi Goldberg leaving her puzzled? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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