Wait, Is ‘GMA’ Dr. Jennifer Ashton Wearing A Wig?

Dr. Jennifer Ashton [GMA | YouTube]

GMA fans are wondering if Dr. Jennifer Ashton is wearing a wig. This comes as she shared her beauty secret. Viewers think she’s hiding another secret on top of her head. Some were “distracted” by her head in a recent broadcast of the talk show. Keep on reading to learn more and see where this rumor came from.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton looks stunning on GMA

Once again, Dr. Jennifer Ashton looked stunning on Good Morning America. She credited her constant vacations as the reason for her glow. During the latest broadcast, she joined DeMarco Morgan and Rhiannon Ally.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Dr. Jennifer wore a light gray sweater with a blue silk calf-length skirt and hot pink pumps. However, some fans noticed something strange about her hair. They were “distracted” by the way she styled her hair. This brought up the rumors that she was wearing a wig. Dr. Jennifer always wears her hair the same way — straight and down with a middle part.

GMA3: What You Need to Know shared a clip of the latest episode on its official Instagram page. Dr. Jennifer Ashton shared ideas on how people can handle their sugar cravings in a healthy manner. However, fans weren’t focused on sugar. They couldn’t stop talking about her hair.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
“@DrJAsthon is great. The wig is a little distracting though,” one fan wrote.

“Yes, I thought there was a bit too much extra volume at the back!” another added.

Fans want TJ Holmes and Amy Robach back

Most of the comment section was about TJ Holmes and Amy Robach. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, GMA viewers demanded Dr. Jennifer Ashton to bring back the duo even though she has no pull. While most have gotten used to their fill-ins, most of them are still missing the popular pair.

  • “Bring back Amy and TJ. They were the show.”
  • “Please bring them back.”
  • “I don’t like them I wish Amy and TJ were back.”
  • “How about TJ & Amy Back?!!”
  • What a snooze fest. TJ and Amy I’m sure will be fine and should just pitch a show to another network. ❤️
  • Please Bring Back Amy and TJ, they make the show what it is!

ABC benched TJ and Amy in early December 2022. An internal review of the situation is still ongoing. Dr. Jennifer Ashton has moved away from the scandal. She is focused on her professional work.

She received controversy for “constantly going away” on vacation. Some fans slammed her for being missing from the show yet again. What are your thoughts on Dr. Jennifer Ashton’s hair? Do you think she’s wearing a wig? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Dr. Jennifer Ashton.

Chanel Adams


  1. So what’s the problem if she is wearing a wig? Women and men wear wigs anytime they want to; so what is the problem again? The fact is she looks gorgeous all the time. No one’s business to question what she does with her looks or her personal time. People need to learn to respect other people’s choices and decisions!

  2. I thought it just looked like Dr. Jen’s normal hair. I’m not sure why people got the idea that it was a wig. Now that the Amy and TJ story is slowly dying, maybe people are desperate for more gossip. Get your eyes checked people! It’s her real hair.

  3. There is nothing wrong with wearing a wig or crown piece or weave! Get over it people. She is informative and doing her job. And looks great. Shows others dealing with hair loss/thinning hair there are subtle options available.

    TJ and Amy should be back as hosts. They were informative and fun. Needed in all this doom and gloom. They did their job. Why does it matter what they do if it doesn’t affect your safety? The public made it a scandal. They didn’t flaunt their relationship. Now kids are in the light.

  4. please bring back the Holmes and amy robach .they did nothing wrong what they do on their time is no one business

  5. bring back Amy and TJ. They are grown consenting adults. Their personal relationship has nothing to do with their work duties. I been tuning out GM3 since you pulled them off the air.

  6. Oh my word what difference does it make. No one’s business. She’s beautiful and smart and nice and professional. Does her job well. Find something else to talk about.

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