Viral TikTok Foodie Waffler69 Dead At 33

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Sad news for those who enjoyed watching viral TikTok foodie Waffler69 on their FYP as he was found dead at 33. Taylor Brice LeJeune, known on TikTok as Waffler69, was confirmed to have passed away yesterday (January 11, 2023) by his brother Clayton. Has his cause of death been revealed? What else did the world know about this TikTok star? Keep reading for the details.

Viral TikTok Foodie Waffler69 Dead At 33

Taylor Brice LeJeune’s brother told TMZ that Waffler69’s cause of death is suspected to have been because of a heart attack. Clayton explained that his brother was feeling discomfort at home when he phoned his mother. The discomfort got worse, so he called 911 and an ambulance rushed him to the hospital. Sadly, Waffler69 passed away sometime after arriving at the hospital.

Clayton also told TMZ that both Taylor’s father and grandfather also suffered from generic heart issues.

Waffler69 - TikTok Screenshots
Waffler69 – TikTok Screenshots

He Encourages The Internet To Keep His Brother’s Memory Alive

Clayton hopes the Internet will keep his brother’s memory alive by continuing to rewatch the content he has shared. Waffler69’s brother did create a GoFundMe for anyone who wanted to donate funds to cushion the blow of this sudden loss. Clayton clarified that he wasn’t sure he even had a right to ask people for help. He later updated that he was overwhelmed and shocked to learn how many people loved his brother.

For those who are unfamiliar with this TikTok star, Taylor was known for tasting a lot of wild and nostalgic food. He took on a lot of extra spicy food. And, he even purchased and tried unusual food items from the dollar store. Most who watched his videos agreed he was always glowing with a huge smile. His happiness and personality were described by his followers as “electric.”

At the time of his passing, Waffler69 has a total of 1.7M followers. In total, he had accumulated over 32M followers across other platforms. In addition to TikTok, he had also made content on other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram for the past 16 years.

The comments of his final video have been flooded with his followers saying goodbye and thanking him for the joy he brought to the world with his videos. “Waffler69 dead” and “Waffler69 RIP” are both trending on TikTok right now.

Rest in peace, Waffler69.

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