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What Did Robyn Brown Mean By Kody Being Her ‘Best Customer’?

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During part three of the tell-all, Robyn Brown made an odd comment. She said you had to treat your husband like your best customer. Fans immediately questioned what exactly that meant. More so, they wondered how she was treating him to warrant that comment. Read on to see what fans and viewers had to say.

What Did Robyn Brown Mean By Kody Being Her ‘Best Customer’?

Robyn Brown had no problem bragging during the tell-all about how she and Kody worked hard at their marriage. While the other wives pushed him away, she communicated with him and they did the work. However, she also said that he appreciated affection. This was something that his wives rejected from him which really does not add up. Apparently, Kody was the one who withheld intimacy from Christine. Furthermore, when Meri tried to kiss him a few anniversaries back, he moved away.

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Another comment that Robyn Brown made to host Sukanya Krishnan was that you have to treat your spouse like your best customer. This was off-putting and head-scratching to many. A Reddit thread was started to analyze the meaning behind this. The OP believes this statement was written by Kody. “How infuriating to have your marriage taken to the level of business jargon. This is done by Kody who is so hyper focused on making money that he lost the love he once had for his family. The one thing for sure that Kody and Robyn have in common is greed,” the thread started.

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“Makes her sound like a prostitute. Then again, she sold her common sense & decency for some $$ so. If the VS pants fit,” someone noted. Another added: “She has Kody wrapped around her finger. She makes Him think her ideas are his, and she just follows them.” This was followed by: “She’s not much different than the world’s oldest profession. She has no job and performs for him whenever he wants.” Finally, someone had to say it: “And what does Robyn know about customers? MSWC failed because she didn’t have any!”

Does She Have A Point?

At this point, Robyn Brown is the only one left in the marriage with Kody. So, does she have a valid point about how to treat your spouse? Probably not as she is the most hated wife in the show. All throughout Christine’s departure, she never thought about how her sister wife could be feeling. She has been deemed selfish and spoiled but in the end, she is the one who has been left with Kody. Robyn is the only wife who ever had a nanny and never had to work so maybe she is smarter than she portrays herself.

What do you think of Robyn Brown’s marital motto? Do you support it or think it is absolutely ridiculous? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. There is actually a book about Marriage and customer care. It’s called Five Star Loveand it shows how to make your partner feel like the most important customer you will ever have.

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