Kody Brown’s Face Triangle Catches Attention: What Is It?

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Over the years, fans of Sister Wives have noticed a lot of interesting things about Kody Brown. Fans have pointed out his clothing, and his hair cuts, but now it looks like they have found something new. During the tell-all special, fans noticed that Kody has a very interesting spot on his forehead. This odd triangle has really concerned fans. Is this spot a way that he shows frustration? Redditors seem to think it is!

Life After Polygamy For Kody Brown

When fans of Sister Wives first heard of Kody Brown’s split from Christine Brown, they were shocked! Many fans felt that Meri Brown would have been the first to leave, but they were all wrong. A little over a year after Christine pulled the plug on their marriage, Janelle Brown followed. As fans watched the tell-all, they also learned that Kody Brown and Meri Brown were no longer together. There have been so many twists and turns in this marriage. Now Kody Brown is left with one wife, Robyn Brown.

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There have been a lot of rumors swirling around about Kody Brown. These rumors have mentioned that Kody was seeking another wife. Of course, he has yet to confirm these rumors. Kody has been accustomed to living in a polygamist marriage, but what is next for him? Will there be even more wives or is Robyn enough for him? Kody Brown has been a proud member of this lifestyle for decades and there could be some hope for more wives in the future. Fans do feel that if he looks for another wife, Kody will wait until the dust settles from the other breakups.

The Bizarre Forehead Triangle

Kody Brown has gotten a lot of backlash over the years. Some fans feel that he has turned polygamy into a very bad thing. There are other fans who applaud him for making it work for so long. Nevertheless, fans can be pretty brutal sometimes. As they watched the show, there are quite a few things they noticed about him. Fans have pointed out his bizarre facial expressions.

One of these facial expressions is the triangle in the middle of his forehead. One Redditor began a thread simply titled, “The Triangle of Frustration”. There were plenty of comments that followed. A contributor wrote, “Kody is not aging too well. He has started to resemble a madman.” Another added, “Each point on this triangle represents a wife who does not abide by the patriarchy.” Soon fans started adding Christine’s name into the chat with, “Christine has the exact same face though.”

Sister Wives-TLC
Sister Wives- TLC

The comments on this Reddit thread were pretty great! Fans really do feel as if Kody Brown does have a triangle of frustration on his forehead. They also made some not-so-kind comparisons to his face and a penis. What do our readers think about Kody Brown’s forehead triangle? Do you think it shows his frustration or something else? Be sure to leave your comments here and continue to follow TvShowsAce for more on Kody Brown.



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