Jessie James Decker Stuffs Perky Bosom In Tiny Blue Bikini

Jessie James Decker Talks New Year's Eve

Jessie James Decker showed off her perky bosom in a tiny blue bikini. The Dancing with the Stars alum showed off her incredible body on Instagram. Jessie admitted that she was just being “extra extra,” while fans had questions about her body. Keep on reading to learn more and to see the photo for yourself.

DWTS alum shows off her slim physique in a blue bikini

On Tuesday, January 10, Jessie James Decker casually stood in the doorway of her home in a dark blue bikini. The two-piece is from her brand Kittenish. She made sure that “the girls” were on full display. Jessie looked out at the scene in front of her as she held onto a newspaper.

Jessie James Decker Shares Secret [Jessie James Decker | Instagram Stories]
[Jessie James Decker | Instagram Stories]
She ‘extra etra’ read all about it 📰 @kittenish ‘Basics’ are back Thursday, ✨” Jessie James Decker wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. “New colors, soft, supportive, sexy and cozy 😽 Which color / style are you excited about?”

Jessie James Decker Flaunts Bust [Jessie James Decker & Kittenish | Instagram]
[Jessie James Decker & Kittenish | Instagram]
This comes after her previous shoot when she nearly spilled out of her white bra when she was putting on a gray outfit for her Kittenish brand. Fans couldn’t help but notice that she looked bustier than ever. Some of them took to the comment section of this recent Instagram post to react to the photo. Here are just some of the things that fans had to say about her brand and her body:

  • “Where did you get your implants?”
  • “Very nice, I stopped my scroll. Hope it sells well!”
  • “You look amazing! I wish I could learn how to have energy like you? Learn how to keep myself motivated to want to exercise daily like you. Do you have any courses I can look up or take?”
  • “Okay baddie.”
  • “Mom bod.”

Jessie James Decker warns about more bikini shoots

That same day, Jessie James Decker took to her Instagram Stories. She warned her followers and fans that she’s going to share more bikini and lingerie shoots. The songstress didn’t want her fans to think that she was thirsty-posting on the social media app. Some could wonder if there’s trouble in paradise with her husband Eric Decker.

At first, Jessie James Decker explained that she hasn’t been feeling well lately. She’s been drinking her electrolytes. The reality star than warned her fans about her upcoming Instagram posts. She explained that she’s “not thirsty-trapping.” Jessie wants her women buyers to see what the loungewear items look like on her.

Jessie James Decker Sick In Bed [Jessie James Decker | Instagram Stories]
[Jessie James Decker | Instagram Stories]
She then suffered a beauty blunder on her Instagram Stories. Jessie threw her jaw clip on her head because her hair wasn’t behaving. What are your thoughts on Jessie James Decker’s blue bikini shot? Sound off below in the comment section.

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