‘Southern Charm’ Shocking Reason Kathryn Dennis Was Fired

Kathryn Dennis

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis shocked fans with the news of her firing on Monday, January 9. She left the show after eight seasons even though she was a “no-show” for most of the series. Kathryn reportedly had issues with the cast and crew members. Keep on reading to find out the shocking reason behind her firing.

Why did Bravo fire Kathryn Dennis?

Bravo didn’t renew Kathryn Dennis’ contract for the upcoming season. Not only was she a “no-show” while filming Southern Charm, but she was also rude to the staff. Queens of Bravo took to Instagram to first report on the rumors about her firing. In addition, a source close to the reality star confirmed that Kathryn was fired for her bad behavior.

Kathryn Dennis [Watch What Happens Live | YouTube]
[Watch What Happens Live | YouTube]
“I know Bravo didn’t offer her a contract, but when you treat people poorly like she has they finally get sick of it,” the insider told The U.S. Sun. “She doesn’t show up on time or show up at all during filming a lot. She treats people like they are beneath her. She can’t stand anyone doing better or getting more attention than her.”

Kathryn Dennis reportedly doesn’t like it when others get all the attention. She treats the staff and crew members as if “they are beneath her.” Kathryn’s behavior would reflect on the set of the show. She would treat the crew members poorly and have temper tantrums.

“I think that’s why a new producer was brought in, the previous one couldn’t handle it anymore,” the insider added.

As a result, the show had to hire a new producer. Their name is being protected during this time. The news of Kathryn Dennis’ firing comes amid her rumored financial issues. She may have a harder time finding a new job because of her bad behavior.

Is the Southern Charm star struggling financially?

TV Shows Ace first reported about Kathryn Dennis’ money issues back in June 2022. She struggles to pay her monthly rent, in which she could end up homeless. In December, she received her third eviction notice of the year. Kathryn had a terrible 2022, and 2023 won’t get any better for her.

Kathryn Dennis [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
The television personality used to share her WestEdge apartment with her ex-boyfriend Chleb Ravenell. The apartments in that area can range from $1,640 per month for a studio to $2,725 per month for a two-bedroom apartment. Townhouses can cost as much as $6,5000 per month, per The U.S. Sun. She received notices to vacate on May 17 and November 17, 2022.

Bravo hasn’t commented on Kathryn Dennis’ firing. They also refuse to speak out about any casting decisions at this time. What are your thoughts on Kathryn’s firing from the show? Do you believe the rumors? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Kathryn Dennis.

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