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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Beg For More, Loving Train Wreck Kody?

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Kody Brown from Sister Wives has been the topic of many conversations lately. After Christine Brown announced their split, he was left speechless. Shortly after, Janelle Brown announced that she was leaving too. Little did we know, Kody Brown was leaving Meri Brown too! After watching all of this go down on the show and the tell-all, fans aren’t sure what to think. They are divided actually. Some fans feel that Kody is a train wreck and that they are done with him. Other fans want the show to continue so they can keep watching the train wreck.

Kody Brown’s Marriages Failed

As fans watched Sister Wives, they knew that at least one marriage was bound to fail. They were shocked when three of them did. Christine was the first to jump ship on his polygamist dreams. Janelle, being so close to Christine, seemed to be the one that would leave next. She followed Christine right out the door after being pushed away by Kody’s behavior.

Meri tried her best to save her marriage over and over again. Kody Brown was very open to her about how he felt. He told her that he would never be in love with her again. She took him out on dates and tried to woo him, but nothing worked. He pushed her away from kissing and there was no intimacy left in their marriage. Many fans feel that her catfishing scandal was to blame for these changes. When Meri wasn’t getting the right attention from her husband, she looked elsewhere.

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Kody Brown admits that Robyn is the only wife that has remained loyal to him. His other wives have opened up about loyalty in the marriage. Christine told fans that Janelle has been the most loyal. She shared examples of how Kody Brown treated her. Christine stood by her comments and feels that Robyn was not the most loyal to him. No matter what, fans have feared that the show is ending. With these divorces, what is next for the show? Fans have shared their thoughts on what they want.

Fans Want The Train Wreck

Even though Kody Brown is all alone with Robyn now, fans have been pretty open about what they want. As much as they hate that Kody is a train wreck, many of them can’t look away. Redditors were quick to start in about what they want from Kody Brown. A thread began with, “Am I the only one who is gonna miss the s**t out of this family?!! And low key, I want Kody Brown to seek some sister wives. What’s wrong with me?” Another wrote, “Thank you! Everyone’s saying they want the show to be done and like look, I totally get why, but this is like the best train wreck that I can’t look away from!” One more added, “I want at least one more season so we can see Janelle tell him to F off again!”

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Fans have stated their case when it comes to the show. They have their fingers crossed for another season of Sister Wives. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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