Mykelti’s Husband Tony Padron Jump Scares ‘SW’ Fans On IG

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Mykelti Padron’s husband Tony has been surprisingly active on Instagram as of late. With the birth of his twin boys, no one can blame him for wanting to put those beautiful baby boys on display. A few days ago, he surprised everyone when he tagged Robyn Brown in an Instagram post. As those who follow her profile know, she hasn’t posted anything on the platform since 2019. So, fans were a bit surprised to see her name come up. It, however, wasn’t a total shock as it is no secret Robyn is extremely close to Mykelti Padron.

In the past 24 hours, however, Tony Padron traumatized many of his 23.8K followers with a photo they weren’t ready for. In fact, many of his followers took the comments saying he should have attached a jump scare warning to the first photo attached to his post. What was so startling about the photo? What was the point of the post? Scroll down if you are brave enough to see it!

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Tony – YouTube

Tony Padron talks about Brown genes

Despite being twins, Tony Padron fully believes his boys have very different appearances. Tony believes his son Archer has strong Brown family genes oozing through. And, he believes his son Ace looks much more like the Padron side of his family tree.

Come on , Archer for sure got the ‘Brown Family’ Gene ! Right ??? Ace is almost all ‘Padron !’. Ace’s hair color might come from the ‘Allreds’ (Christines Family genes).”

The first photo featured Tony holding his son Archer. The second photo featured the proud papa and his son Ace. Ace was pretty easy to pick out of the photos because his hair had a cherry red tint to it that Archer’s hair did not have.


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What was it that jump scared fans?

Attached to the photo of Tony and Archer was a circle cut out of Kody Brown’s face. There was a white glow around Kody’s face as his picture was wedged between Archer and Tony. Kody had a huge smile and it felt like he was gazing directly into your soul when you looked at the picture. Most Sister Wives fans admitted they just weren’t ready to see Kody’s face on the picture with this adorable baby and tony.


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In the comments, fans begged Tony to give a jump scare warning the next time he planned on posting a photo of Kody Brown on his profile. Other fans chimed in begging him not to insult that baby as they agreed he looked nothing like Kody.

Do you think the babies look like Kody or Tony? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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