‘LPBW’: Chris Marek UNRECOGNIZABLE In Beardless Photo

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A shocking and unrecognizable photo of Amy Roloff’s husband Chris Marek has surfaced. The photo features a beardless Marek and Little People, Big World (LPBW) fans aren’t sure how they feel about it. What does the photo look like and what are fans saying? Scroll down to take a closer look.

LPBW: Chris Marek UNRECOGNIZABLE In Shocking Beardless Snap

Now, as far as fans of TLC’s LPBW recall, Chris Marek has always had pretty filled-out facial hair on the show. And, as the constant videos on TikTok and YouTube of children reacting to their father sharing his beard have taught the Internet, a man can look VERY different without his facial hair.

On Reddit, one fan revealed a photo they discovered of Chris Marek as fans had never seen him before. Clean shaven without a single stubble of hair on his face. The unrecognizable beardless photo of Chris Marek can be seen in the tweet down below:

LPBW Fans React To Shocking Photo

Older/longterm fans of LPBW noted that the photo wasn’t that shocking or unrecognizable because Chris had appeared on the show with no facial hair in the past. Other individuals chimed in agreeing and asking if the OP had ever watched the show before.

LPBW Amy Roloff Chris Marek
Little People Big World Amy Roloff Chris Marek

Other fans, however, that were newer to the show and hadn’t watched older episodes admitted this was a side of Chris they had never seen.

Some fans agreed they thought Amy Roloff’s Husband looked much better without facial hair. They thought he looked younger, friendlier, and more trustworthy with a clean shave. Chris Marek, however, has a small fraction of the LPBW fanbase that just doesn’t like him. They don’t trust him. These fans admitted the clean shaved face didn’t make them like or trust him any more than they already did.

LPBW Amy Roloff Chris Marek
LPBW Amy Roloff Chris Marek

Reactions were all over the map in regard to this photo. The consensus was that fans HAD seen a clean-shaven Chris Marek before. It, however, has been a while since they saw Chris’ face without his thick white beard. Understandably, there were also some fans that just didn’t care for this look as they much preferred him with a full face of hair.

Do you remember seeing Chris Marek without facial hair on the show? Do you think he looks unrecognizable in this photo? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.

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