Gwen Stefani Reveals True Ethnicity In Weird Rambling Interview?

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Gwen Stefani is doubling down on her Harajuku Girls era. In a bizarre new interview, the pop star revealed her true ethnicity. This comes fourteen years after the release of her first solo pop album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby., and her Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection.

Fans fondly remember the time when Gwen made her foray into pop music. She had her own gang of Harajuku Girls who couldn’t speak, even when spoken to. Gwen was accused of cultural appropriation during that time and for much of her career.

She defended the decision she made during that time in her career. The country singer also shared her true ethnicity, which puzzled fans.

Gwen Stefani Talks To Kelly Clarkson [The Kelly Clarkson Show | YouTube]
[The Kelly Clarkson Show | YouTube]

Gwen Stefani rambles in a bizarre new interview

Fans are concerned about Gwen Stefani after her new interview. She sat down with Asian writer Jesa Marie Calaor for an editorial piece in Allure Magazine. Gwen admitted she is Japanese because she traveled to Japan and has an affinity for the culture. She rambled and made the point several times in the interview.

“My God, I’m Japanese and I didn’t know it,” Gwen Stefani declared.

Of course, that’s not true. The No Doubt singer was born to an Italian-American father and an Irish-American Mother, per Rolling Stone. Gwen Stefani spoke to the Filipina-American reporter as she talked about her new makeup venture, GXVE Beauty. She also dove into her past beauty collaborations.

At the height of her music career, Gwen released her Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection, which was inspired by her Harajuku Girls backup dancers. She insisted that she is Japanese. “I am, you know,” Gwen Stefani repeated.

She also addressed the criticism for fetishizing and appropriating other cultures. Her most notable moment was in 2004 when she used Japanese aesthetics derived from Harajuku fashion. Her group of four Japanese dancers would accompany her during performances and her Harajuku Lovers Tour. They also attended red-carpet events with The Voice coach.

“If [people are] going to criticize me for being a fan of something beautiful and sharing that, then I just think it doesn’t feel right,” Gwen Stefani explained. “I think it was a beautiful time of creativity… a time of the ping-pong match between Harajuku culture and American culture.”

She shared that she was a “super fan” of Japanese culture. In that same breath, Gwen also admitted her “innocence” about it. Still, she defended herself for using that aesthetic in her album era.

No Doubt singer defends Harajuku Girls era

Gwen Stefani has appropriated from other cultures throughout her career. When she was in No Doubt, she wore a bindi on her forehead. She was also accused of appropriating Native American and Latin American cultures. Gwen doesn’t feel that’s what she’s doing with her art.

“[It] should be okay to be inspired by other cultures because if we’re not allowed, then that’s dividing people, right?” Gwen Stefani mused.

Later in the interview, Gwen said that she was not 100% Japanese. She described herself as “a little bit of Orange County girl, a little bit of Japanese girl, a little bit of English girl.” Gwen also feels that she relates to the Hispanic and Latino communities. The “Slow Clap” singer described herself as “whatever mutt I am.”

Gwen Stefani’s rep claim that her quotes were taken out of context. She hasn’t spoken out about this interview. What are your thoughts on the Harajuku Girls album era? Do you believe that Gwen actually thinks she’s Japanese? Sound off below in the comment section.

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