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Farrah Abraham’s Latest Fur Baby Choice Has Fans Livid

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Farrah Abraham continues to make questionable choices considering her fur babies. The Teen Mom OG star added more to her ever-growing brood. She still makes questionable choices when it comes to animals. Keep on reading to learn about the ongoing controversy and the latest update.

Animal activists slam Teen Mom OG star

Back in December 2022, Farrah Abraham was slammed by both fans and animal activists. They claimed that she “abused” both of her dogs. Farrah took to her Instagram Stories to show off her dogs Billionaire and Cupcake. She revealed that she dyed their fur purple and pink.

Farrah & Sophia Abraham [Farrah Abraham | Instagram Stories]
[Farrah Abraham | Instagram Stories]
Farrah also got them groomed. Most of her fans weren’t happy to see how she treated her dogs. They took to Reddit to talk about it. Most of them were concerned about the well-being of the reality star’s dogs.

  • “Um Farrah dyed her dogs again.”
  • “I’m sorry but I don’t think fur-dying [sic] dogs are cute at all… put a little sweater or shirt on them, sure! Take them to the groomer to get their fur trimmed up nicely, do it up! Dying a dog… like whyyyyy though?”
  • “She’s never satisfied with anything. Always gotta f**k with shit to make it ‘better.’ She’s not natural so why would anything else under her control be.”
  • “This is animal abuse!”

Farrah Abraham adopts two new pets

The television personality shared some news with her fans. Farrah Abraham shared that she adopted two pet goats. On Monday, January 9, she filmed herself on a farm with her daughter, Sophia Abraham. Farrah adopted one for herself and one for her 13-year-old.

Farrah & Sophia With Goats [Farrah Abraham | Instagram Stories]
[Farrah Abraham | Instagram Stories]
She took to her Instagram Stories to share several photos of them holding the goats. Her daughter got a black goat, while she got a white one. Fans aren’t happy with Farrah once again, especially after they criticized her for the way she treats animals. They stormed Reddit to share their thoughts on this update.

  • “Doesn’t she live in an apartment in Austin? How is she providing housing for these poor babies?”
  • “So irresponsible.”
  • “Ugh. Noooooooo!!! These poor animals!”
  • “She does NOT need animals. What about that poor pony? She doesn’t know the first thing and will probably cage them. Poor things.”

MTV star has small digs

Farrah Abraham moved out of Los Angeles with Sophia. They live in a tiny apartment in Texas. She was also criticized for keeping a pair of peacocks in their place. In November, neighbors complained about the noise of her cage-filled animals.

Farrah has also talked about keeping a boa constrictor in their apartment. It’s unclear if all of these animals are living with them. What are your thoughts on Farrah Abraham’s new fur baby? Do you think she’s being an irresponsible animal owner? Sound off below in the comment section.

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