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Sobyn Robyn Brown Struggles To Push Out Tears In ‘SW’ Tell-All 3

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Sobyn Robyn Brown was back in action for the final part of the tell-all. Once again, she was struggling to get out the tears fans have become accustomed to. However, this time around, there was a whole new Robyn and she was not so nice. Therefore, it makes sense why she had to force her tears out because she was shifting from rude to tragic. What made her “tear” up? Read on for more details.

Sobyn Robyn Brown Struggles To Push Out Tears In SW Tell-All 3

It seems that every episode of Sister Wives, even the tell-all, would not be complete without Robyn Brown crying. However, she seems to actually lack physical tears. There was a time when she was recalling the romantic relationship that Kody and Christine had. They were together in front of Robyn and she saw the natural banter that they had. As she was telling the host Sukanya Krishnan about this, she appeared to get very choked up.

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As per usual, nothing came of this. No tears just the sound of someone who was desperate to cry or make herself sound like she was on the verge of crying. Then, she was talking about his relationship with Meri and just how beautiful it was. Once again, pseudo waterworks. It might have been because she was about to drop a bomb about the other wives. Sobyn Robyn Brown alleged that they basically handed Kody to her and rejected his affection.

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All he wanted to do was love them, through stretch marks, weight gain, and money problems. Yet, they pulled away and that was very hard for him to handle. That was when Robyn went from fake tears to sharp and stern. She let Sukanya know that she works on her marriage and communicates with Kody. It was a side that fans always knew was there but it really showed up. Suddenly, the fake tears went right back into her eyes and were never seen again.

Not The First Time

Sobyn Robyn Brown has been accused of fake crying many times. She had initially said, when she first joined the family, that she would not be the one to cry all the time. This has proven to be a lie. Since then, she bawls at absolutely everything. However, during the tell-all, she gets her face all scrunched up and tries to cry, apologizes but nothing comes out. It is as if she knows that this is what fans expect of her so she tries to deliver. Unfortunately, the well may have run dry.

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  1. It’s really unprofessional to write an article with name calling such as “Sobyn Robyn”
    If we’re supposed to read these articles and take them seriously and believe it then at least write about the person/persons in a proper manner!

  2. “All he wanted to do was love them, through stretch marks, weight gain, and money problems”. Wow, you are one to talk. Even you have put on some weight,so you shouldn’t be throwing stones. The other ladies have wised up. They have been putting up with him a lot longer than you.

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