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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Worried About Meri Brown After Latest Rant

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Sister Wives viewers have been very excited to see what is next for Meri Brown. After years of pushing her to leave Kody Brown, the couple revealed that they have split up. Meri was constantly trying to win over his heart again, but we never saw it happen. Now that she is no longer part of the plural marriage, fans want to know more about her life these days. She recently went Live on Instagram and shocked her fans. Her fans wanted to know if she was excited about something or if she had been drinking.

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Kody and Meri Brown Part Ways

While fans were watching the tell-all with the Browns, we learned that Kody and Meri were done. The years of Meri trying to maintain their marriage were behind them. She worked very hard to try and keep him interested in her, but he made it clear that he was not in love with her anymore. In fact, he called her out many times for trying to have intimate and romantic moments together. He told her that intimacy was only for people who were in love. Meri Brown continued to try and make their marriage work, but it was clearly not working for Kody.

Throughout the entire season, Kody was constantly pushing Meri away and rejecting all of her efforts to reconcile. Although she and Kody have split, she thinks that there is still a chance that they can make it work. She told host Sukanya Krishnan, on the tell-all, “I don’t think Kody realizes the queen that I am. And if he hasn’t realized it so far, you know, maybe he never will. Maybe he doesn’t want it. People change. Maybe he is just at this place that like, ‘She’s just no for me anymore.’ And he’s now finally saying that.” When she was asked about waiting for Kody, Meri said, “I don’t know. Time will tell.”

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The Instagram Live Concerns Fans

Meri Brown has shared many cryptic posts that allude to the fact that she isn’t done with Kody and that their story isn’t over yet. She has opened up about her personal growth and what 2023 will hold for her. She has also told her fans that she is ready to work on herself and have new adventures. Meri is pretty active on her Instagram account and recently went Live with her fans.

In the video, Meri Brown is drinking from a cup that some fans thought contained alcohol. Meri’s eyes are very red in the video and she goes on quite a rant while filming. Her accent changed pretty frequently in the video too. Fans were a bit annoyed when she started screaming at the top of her lungs. This was concerning because a lot of her fans have never seen this side of her.

Meri’s religion does forbid alcohol, but it looks like she drinking. Has she started drinking heavily to deal with the stress in her life without Kody? Fans want to know what was going on in this video and if it will be common.

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