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Robyn Brown Implies Other Wives Rejected Kody’s Affection

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Robyn Brown has now implied that Kody’s other wives rejected him when it came to affection. Therefore, she was the one who picked up the pieces. Additionally, if these ladies did not want to be affectionate with him, how could the marriage survive? She seemed to feel quite passionately about the whole situation. So, what did Robyn Brown reveal during part three of the tell-all? Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Implies Other Wives Rejected Kody’s Affection

Why did it not work out with the other wives? It could not possibly be because Kody was impossible to be around. No. Rather, his fourth and last remaining wife, Robyn Brown is setting the record straight. She told tell-all host, Sukanya Krishnan that a lot of the problems started when the wives rejected Kody’s affections. Sukanya asked Robyn about Christine’s assessment of her marriage and what had transpired over the last few years. Robyn alleged that both Janelle and Christine made choices.

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She went on to add that the wives handed Kody to her and that they did not want to spend time with him anymore. When Sukanya brought up that Christine mentioned Robyn and Kody were soul mates, Robyn just balked at this. She shared that Christine and Kody were so cute and had something she and he never had. However, Christine did not take care of what she had and this was a problem for Kody. He wants a soul mate who he can completely connect to as he is so loving.

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Robyn Brown continued to say that he has had wives reject him “affection-wise” because they are either uncomfortable or do not like it. This is quite a different story than what his first wife, Meri told as she shared she tried to kiss him. It was after an anniversary date and he had said he wanted to be courted. Sadly, her efforts were rejected. Then, Kody withdrew intimacy from Christine. So, who is really telling the truth here?

Throwing Jabs

Robyn Brown did not stop there. She went on to say that when she entered the marriage, she saw weight gain, stretch marks, financial problems, and more. However, she maintains that she still saw Kody put in a romantic effort regardless of it all. Did she have to say that? No. It was not necessary and that was her throwing jabs at the wives completely. Normally, Robyn is crying and has a calmer demeanor, wanting to fix everything. Now, she seems tired of being villanized and was just saying whatever she wanted.

Do you really think Robyn Brown was correct when she said the wives rejected Kody’s affection? Or is she just trying to make him look like the good guy? Let us know in the comments below and stream Sister Wives on discovery+.

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