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Robyn Brown Implies Kody Continued To Love His Ugly Wives

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown implied in the latest Tell-All episode that Kody Brown continued to love his other wives despite them being ugly. Even though Kody’s favorite wife has had her fair share of weight-related struggles, she blatantly fat-shamed her former sister wives. While Christine, Janelle, and Meri maintained their dignity throughout the Tell-All episode, Robyn went all out vocalizing her anger toward them. Why did Robyn Brown call her former sister wives ugly? Keep reading to find out the details!

Robyn Brown Claims Kody’s Wives Rejected Him

In her conversation with the Tell-All host Sukanya Krishnan, Robyn accused Janelle, Meri, and Christine of several transgressions in their marriages to the Brown family patriarch. She claimed that they handed Kody to her and didn’t want to spend time with him. This is why she became the principal wife with Kody respecting her the most.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

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The mother of five also alleged that the other wives didn’t care for their romantic relationship with Kody Brown. She claimed, “He’s had wives reject him, affection-wise because they are uncomfortable or don’t like it. That’s not who they are. I’m sorry, but if you’re rejecting someone’s affection, your spouse, I don’t see how that’s gonna help your relationship.”

Sister Wives Fans Bash Robyn For Being Judgmental

She also argued how Kody Brown loved them despite their stretch marks and weight gain. Basically, she stated that the Brown family patriarch should be knighted for loving Meri, Janelle, and Christine despite them growing ugly with age.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

[Source: YouTube]

On Reddit, fans bashed Robyn Brown for body-shaming her former sister wives. The OP wrote, “Robyn seemed to take pot-shots at the other wives and their appearances. Says that over the years, even with stretch marks and weight gain Kody was still loving and had this romance with them. So, Kody is supposed to get brownie points for that? A husband is responsible for those stretch marks, lol. You don’t get brownie points for still be loving to a wife in spite of her stretch marks.”

“Sooo fat people and people who gain weight and get stretch marks don’t really deserve romance? Wtf girl? Like he was some saint for still being romantic with them, so weird. Ew,” said another.

Robyn Brown Wants Polygamy To Bash Other Wives

Fans also claimed that the love that Robyn speaks of shouldn’t be conditional. Moreover, real marriages don’t have a dictator like Kody that demands respect and loyalty. They also claimed that bashing others and bringing them down is the reason Robyn wants to be in a polygamous marriage. She doesn’t need to be slim, just slimmer than others.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

[Source: YouTube]

Do you believe Robyn Brown really thinks her former sister wives should be thankful to Kody for loving them? Let us know in the comments.

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