Real Reason Kody Brown Fears Janelle & Christine’s Friendship?

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Sister Wives fans feel Kody Brown is fearful of Janelle and Christine’s friendship. Now that he is down to one wife, Robyn Brown, he wishes to fix his relationship with Janelle. In the latest Sister Wives Tell-All episode, Kody admitted that he would like to sort things out with the 53-year-old. However, he feels her friendship with Christine Brown might be the reason things aren’t working out the way he would want. So, why does Kody Brown fear Christine and Janelle’s friendship? Keep reading to find out the details!

Janelle Brown Has Mourned Her Life With Kody Brown

Janelle Brown has already confirmed that she is not waiting for him and has mourned that phase of her life with Kody. She also added, “I wasn’t heartbroken. It wasn’t heartbreaking for me like it was for Christine.”

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The mother of six noted that they had a great run and now things have changed. When Kody and Janelle announced their separation, they were just three months away from celebrating their 30th marriage anniversary. She revealed, “He blew off our last anniversary. He just didn’t call me or anything.” Moreover, the former couple had a big fight right before Christmas 2021 that affected their anniversary in January 2022.

Kody Brown Wants Respect More Than Love

After explaining his stance regarding the harsh COVID rules to host Sukanya Krishnan, he insisted that he hopes to find a happy and beautiful place with Janelle. He also added that he wishes to reconcile with all of his children. Yet, he maintained that he won’t try and work it out with Janelle if she doesn’t respect him.

He even claimed, “I won’t go to a place where I’m not respected. Love doesn’t matter to me, respect matters to me.”

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A big reason Kody thinks Janelle is disrespectful towards him is because of how closely bonded to Christine she is. He thinks Janelle is influenced by Christine. Talking to Sukanya, he conveyed, “We’re in a new place. Christine’s left. Janelle likes her. Why couldn’t you have been such good sister wives while you were sister wives?”

Kody Fears Christine And Janelle Would Take Away His TLC Money

However, Sister Wives fans have decoded the real reason Kody is jealous of Christine and Janelle’s friendship. They feel he is afraid that they will get a spinoff and take away his TLC money given how popular they are among fans.

Referring to the Tell-All episode where he revealed he only fears poverty, one fan wrote on Reddit,

“I agree, that is why he said he feared poverty that is why they tricked the OG’s into giving up property in their names for the property with Kody and Robyn’s names all over it. That is why he was worried about Christine remarrying and thus no longer controlling TLC money, he was worried about custody odd Truly-child support.”

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Do you think this is the reason Kody doesn’t want Christine and Janelle to be friends? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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